Recruiting: Sooners in Texas DEs top three

DeSoto, Texas defensive end Von Miller profile and update.

Von Miller, DE, 6'3, 218, 4.5, DESOTO, TEXAS:

Von Miller is one of those talented athletes that you have to project to a position in the college ranks, but one thing you know for sure is that he can flat out run for his size. Miller plays defensive end, tight end and he returns kicks at DeSoto, but where will he play in college?

"I hope to play rush end or some kind of weakside end. It really doesn't matter where I play. Some people would die if they don't play on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. It really doesn't matter to me and if a team that I sign with wants me to play tight end. That is where I will play. I would rather play rush end, but it really doesn't matter to me."

Miller is a two-year starter who finished last season with 39 tackles, 17 solo, one interception and he recovered one fumble for a touchdown. Miller also runs track and runs the 110 HH (14.01) and 300 IM (43.0). He also triple jumps (44'6) and long jumps (21'11).

"I have been running track as long as I have been playing football. I don't play a skill position in football and on the defensive line people don't always notice my athletic ability. However, in track that is all athletic ability and you can really show what I can do."

Miller can bench 265 pounds, squats 435 and he has posted 35-inch vertical jump. Miller has been clocked three straight times at 4.44 to 4.5 (hand time). He ran a 4.51 at Nike camp and also has posted a 36-inch vertical jump.

Miller has been offered by over 30 schools at this point and he is still trying to sort through them all.

"I can honestly say that I am trying to take a good hard look at all the schools that are offering me. I am finding out information on all of them and am trying to make the best decision for me that is going effect me the next four to five years."

Out of 30 schools does Miller have it narrowed down at all?

"I really don't have a top five, but I can say that Texas A&M, Florida and Oklahoma are three schools that I am really interested in. One of my former teammates, Brian Jackson, has told me a lot about Oklahoma. Oklahoma is always in contention for the National Championship and if I go to school there I know at some point I am going to be playing for the National Championship. Brian says their academic system is great and I know I can get a quality education there. I have never been to Oklahoma, but I plan to take an official visit there."

How about Texas A&M?

"If I had to choose right now, Texas A&M would be my No. 1. I haven't had a chance to visit Oklahoma or Florida, but I have been to Texas A&M 20 times. I also have friends at College Station and I just know so much about them. I am very familiar with all the coaches, not just my position coach."

What are the going to be the key points that Miller considers when choosing a school?

"I just need a good feel for the school. If I can picture myself going to that school without playing football, then that will be the college for me. You never know what is going to happen in football, but my college education and college experience is what is going to be with me forever. I want to go somewhere with a great education system and where that degree is going to mean something to for me. I want to go somewhere where I am going to enjoy my college experience."

Miller has qualified.

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