Kelly talks about his big day

Sophomore WR Malcolm Kelly talks about his 6-catch, 121-yard performance in OU's win over Washington.

TS- It seemed like Washington must have watched last week's tape and decided to concentrate on stopping the tight ends. That left you with one-on-one coverage most of the afternoon.

Kelly - Maybe that's what it was. Whatever it was, I wasn't complaining. We've got a lot of talented athletes out there on the field so we're just trying to get to the point where you can't focus in on one. Well, you're going to focus in on AD every game, but I mean, we're trying to let everybody know that we're going to be a balanced attack and let 'em know that everybody out there can play.

TS- Talk about Paul Thompson and his progress. We know he can zip in in there, but today he looped a couple over the defenders.

Kelly - Yeah, he did. Man, he was putting the ball out there, especially on that I guess it was 36-yard touchdown or whatever. He put that out there where only I could get there and I just ran up under it. And boy, he's just coming along and I'm just trying to get behind him. He's getting better every week and that's what we're striving for.

TS - Talk about the other touchdown you had.

Kelly - He put it up there like I say. And I really need to stop jumping so much, because I jumped on one little corner route and I didn't have to jump. Coach Stoops kinda gave it to me when I got to the sideline.

I just feel like when the ball is up in the air, that's a place where I'm comfortable. I feel like I'm a little higher than the DB and stuff like that, but he put it up there where I could get it and I jumped up and got it.

TS - You had six for 121 yards and two touchdowns, but you also had that one where you jumped up when it was only waist high and then you had another drop. Catch those and you could have had a really huge game.

Kelly - Yeah, I could. I mean, it's just growing up as far as just from last year. I came into the locker room at halftime and Coach (Kevin) Wilson looked at me because I had a bad look on my face because I had dropped that deep ball and he just told me to go out and keep playing. And that's the point I had to get to. I had to go out and keep playing even if you make a mistake. Everybody has to get to that point.

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