Recruiting: Juco QB likes Sooners

Pearl River quarterback Mike Greco leads the top-ranked Juco team in the nation.

Mike Greco, QB, 6-4, 225, PEARL RIVER JC, MISSISSIPPI:

JH: How did you game go this week?

MG: "We won 58-10."

JH: How well did you play?

MG: "I did alright. We didn't really throw the ball that much because we didn't have to. Every time they kicked off to us we ran it back. We were always running the ball inside their 20. I really didn't play much in the second half. I threw for one touchdown and I think I ran for one. I think the run was 35 yards. I only threw for a 100 yards or so just because we didn't need to throw. This team was terrible and didn't give us a game at all."

JH: So you guys aren't seeing much competition?

MG: "We will have a much tougher game this week. We play Gulf Coast, the No. 3 team in the nation. They were ranked No. 1 and now we are ranked No. 1."

JH: Does it feel good to be getting some attention from the media and from college football?

MG: "It feels nice, but I don't know what people are saying about me. Man, I am in a small town in Mississippi and I don't know what is being said about me. I stay pretty level-headed and just worry about my team and my teammates."

JH: Have you heard from Oklahoma lately?

MG: "Coach Heupel sent a text to me the other day and I texted back to him. I haven't heard back from him yet."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting?

MG: "I am just dealing with Oklahoma right now. I am also hearing some from the local schools like Ole Miss and Southern Miss."

JH: Do you have an interest in Sooners?

MG: "Oh yeah. They are a big-time program and OU throws the ball a lot."

JH: You have such great speed. Do you look to rush the ball much?

MG: "I really don't look to run. Most times when I break the pocket, I am looking downfield to find receivers. My coach wants me to run more, but I use my speed to buy time in the pocket and to keep the play alive so that I can find receivers. When I do run I can run pretty well."

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