Recruiting: Juco QB compared to Heupel

Junior College quarterback Cade Cooper talks about his game and interest in Oklahoma. Like Heupel, Cooper is lefthanded and attends Snow Junior College in Ephraim, Utah.

Cade Cooper, QB, 6'3, 205, 4.55, EPHRAIM UTAH (SNOW JUNIOR COLLEGE):

JH: How is your season going thus far?

CC: "We are 3-0 on nd I am playing pretty well right now. I think I am hitting 68.5 percent completion percentage and I have thrown nine touchdown passes. I also think I have about 685 yards throwing, but I have thrown four interceptions. There is not much I can do when I hit them in the hands and they don't catch them."

JH: Your career has been a very interesting one hasn't it? How did you wind up at Snow Junior College?

CC: "It has been a process in a sense. I originally committed to Utah out of high school and they had a coaching change with Ron McBride that hurt me. I came off an LDS mission and I was going to walk on at BYU, but how can I walk-on at a program when I am going to have a scholarship here at Snow College. I greyshirted the 2004 season when I got right off my mission, and then last year I split time with James Pritchard, who was a returning sophomore. I hit 62 percent of my passes or somewhere around there last season."

JH: Tell us a little bit about your syle as a quarterback?

CC: "We go from mostly under center. We have a few plays where we go out of gun, but other than that when I get a chance to run the ball I run the ball. I use my feet to buy me a little more time in the pocket. I think I am a well-balanced passer. I have no trouble throwing the deep ball, but I can throw the intermediate pass over the middle. We spread it out and throw to a lot of different receivers. In our first game, I threw to 10 different receivers. I threw the ball well over the middle and showed some good touch throwing the ball over the middle linebacker."

JH: Is OU quarterback coach and former Sooner quarterback great Josh Heupel still famous at Snow Junior College?

CC: "Yeah, he is. How can he not be when he goes to Oklahoma and leads them to a National Championship and to a runner-up position in the Heisman Trophy?"

JH: How does recruiting shape up for you at the moment?

CC: "I would say that I am talking to BYU, Nebraska and Oklahoma. They are the three main schools that I talk to or that are showing the most interest in me. Nobody has offered me yet, but Nebraska has talked to me about tripping me out. We are talking and there are some minor details to work out. One big problem is getting some game film out. We have had just some big problems here at Snow getting the game film out, and that is really what all three of these schools are waiting for."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

CC: "I think it is a great school. OU produces great quarterbacks and great athletes come out of there. I think it is a style of offense that I would fit in with. I know they have a great program and a great school. My relationship with coach Heupel is going well. I actually talked to him about the time I was talking to Baylor. We kept in contact when I went to Arizona, and in some ways you can compare me to him. I am lefthanded and he is lefthanded, and many people of told me that we are the same style of quarterback. He told me the quarterback situation is a great situation to be in, but we just sent him our film on Monday."

JH: So you were talking to Baylor?

CC: "Before my freshman year I visited Baylor. They offered, but I just didn't feel that was the best situation for me. I talked it over with my family and they will always have a big influence on the decision that I make. We just felt that there was more opportunity out there and decided to go to Snow."

JH: Is Oklahoma considered a bigger opportunity?

CC: "Of course it is. They are in the running. You can't cancel them out. I have to look at opportunity, who they have coming back at quarterback and what kind of chance that I will have to start when I get there. I will just need to investigate the program a little bit and see what the quarterback situation is. Coach Heupel told me that they have a lot of talented young players in the program and that is good, because that means Oklahoma will continue to be good. I know they recruit well."

JH: Can you enroll at semester and go through spring football?

CC: "I have technically graduated so I will be able to enroll at semester and go through spring football. I have three years to play two."

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