Recruiting: Sooners contact another Juco QB

Coffeyville, Kan. juco quarterback Bryan Savage talks about his game and interest in Oklahoma.

Bryan Savage, QB, 6'3 ½, 220, 4.7, COFFEYVILLE COMMUNITY COLLEGE, KS:

JH: Didn't you start your career at Wisconsin before you went to Coffeyville?

BS: "I was actually there two years and I redshirted my first year. I was there last fall and then I came to Coffeyville last spring. At Wisconsin, they changed coaches and brought in a whole new staff and that meant a new offensive coordinator. So I just felt it was time for me to get out of there and try to get a new start somewhere, and Coffeyville seemed like the perfect opportunity."

JH: What is your eligibility status now that you are playing at Coffeyville?

BS: "This is my first year at Coffeyville. I will graduate in December. Whoever I sign with I will go through spring football and I will have two years to play two."

JH: How are things going for you at this point in the season?

BS: "Everything is going well so far, but we lost our first game against Blinn. It was a tough because it was supposed to start at 7:30, but didn't start until after 9:00 p.m. because of lightning and rain. We lost 16-7 and they scored a late touchdown. I did pretty well in that game. I threw for 158 yards and one touchdown.

"We are not throwing the ball that much here because we have great running backs and we are working to establish the run. I am just working hard to keep my percentage up and to just keep the chains moving. We won second game 28-7. I threw a touchdown in that game as well. I only threw for 60-something yards in that game and we only threw 12 passes in that game.

"We have a play where I have an option to run toss, Iso or a short pass, and in that game they were running a 4-2 defense so I just kept running the Iso for big-yardage against them. Coach (Jeff) Leiker loved me for calling that run play so much. He lets me call my own plays out there and I am going to take what the defense gives me.

JH: Who do you play next week?

BS: "We play Hutchinson this week on the road."

JH: What is going on in recruiting with you at this time?

BS: "Right now I haven't been offered by anybody yet. A lot of college coaches have contacted my coach and they are texting me. My coach has talked to me about recruiting and I am just focused on the team trying to win a championship here. I have been through recruiting before. I know if I do well that college coaches will find me. So right now I really don't have any specific schools that have offered me, but a number of them are indicating that they will."

JH: Have you heard from Oklahoma?

BS: "Coach Heupel texted me and then I called him back. He said that they were going to be following my season here and that they were interested in me. He wants me to send him some film. I think it is a perfect situation for a quarterback. It is a shame what happened to (Rhett) Bomar and they are starting a fifth-year senior right now.

"I just want to go to a school where I can get a fair shake at the starting job. Coach Heupel was a big-time quarterback himself and he knows a lot about the position. And Oklahoma is a big-time program so you really can't beat Oklahoma."

JH: You had 12 offers or so in high school. Are you primarily looking at those schools again or are you developing some new interests?

BS: "I am using a clean slate, because coming from junior college it all depends on what colleges need quarterbacks. Oklahoma is great school, and I am intrigued about the situation at Colorado. They have a new coach there now and they need a quarterback. They have indicated that they might want to bring in a junior college quarterback. Right now I don't have a top five and I am just waiting to see what comes up."

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