Bob Stoop's OU-Oregon Postgame Quotes

See inside for excerpts from Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops' postgame press conference. (AP Photo)

On the frustrating loss

Stoops: Yeah, that's fair to say. Frustrating, maddening. Whatever you want to say.

On why they ran a running play before the field goal at the end of the game

Stoops: We tried to get the ball in the middle of the field. Yeah, you can second-guess that and probably should've tried to get another 10 yards, but without a timeout if anything goes wrong you're pushing it. Yeah, just trying to get it in the middle of the field.

On where the protection broke down on the blocked field goal

Stoops: I'll have to see it. It seemed like it was inside. It seemed like they got some pressure inside.

On if the kick was low

Stoops: Again, you guys probably had a better shot than me. We'll have to see that. I don't know.

On where was the breakdown on Oregon's final touchdown

Stoops: We were in man coverage and got beat badly.

On if he thought Oregon touched the ball before 10 yards on the onside kick, and what were you hoping they would review

Stoops: Well, I was hoping they were reviewing that. My argument to them was that you are not to be contested inside of 10 yards. And I thought he was run into inside of 10 yards. I haven't seen that. And then our guy who has the football says, 'Coach the ball's laying on the ground when I grabbed it. I didn't take it away from anybody.' Allen Patrick comes up with the football. They reviewed it, but I couldn't tell you, they would have to explain what they saw.

On starting off terrible, getting back off the mat and turning it around, and on what he'll do to get the team back to where they should've been had they pulled the game out

Stoops: As I said, we're smart enough to see all that's good out there. Coming up here, this is a heck of an environment to compete in. Again, my compliments to Oregon. They did what they had to do there at the end to win. But, there's always a sense that when you compete this well you're proud of your players. They competed for a long period of time, and were good for a long period, so we'll build on that. We have to make the corrections to the parts that hurt us. We've got to be able to correct and get better from if we're gonna to have the kind of year we want to have. But you do, as a coach, appreciate the way they competed for a great part of that game. These guys are college guys. I'm not going to sit here and, certain guys don't make a play here or there, they're still good kids that tried hard. We've gotta get better. We just have to make improvement, and this team has a good attitude and I strongly believe we'll do that.

On Paul Thompson's performance for his first major game on the road

Stoops: I thought he was really good. I thought he was excellent. You know, there's a few things here or there, I think our handling at the line of scrimmage there was some things that we could be a little better at that we didn't have in the first game. It didn't have anything to do with noise. But overall, I was really pleased with him. He took care of the football and threw some nice balls.

On Marcus Walker going in and out of the game in the second half

Stoops: He had some cramps. He's the only one, but he had a few cramps. But he seemed to play pretty well.

On the defense's struggles this year

Stoops: Just have to get our feet and have some position better. We've got to be able to finish tackles. There's not a science to it — 's doing it, it's practicing it. We just gotta keep getting better at it.

On how much of a factor it was to lose center Jon Cooper late in the game

Stoops: I'm sure it was to some degree, but without watching it on tape I don't know that Chase broke down at all. So, I think we were fine. I don't know that that had to stop us.

On the pass interference call that appeared to be tipped before the interference on Oregon's last drive

Stoops: The jumbotron sure looked like it was. We all relaxed and said that's coming back, and then they said they didn't see it. So, they can explain that. That'd be for them to say, not me. I know you guys are all sitting here waiting for me to do, I'm not doing it. But what I saw on the jumbotron sure seemed to...but you guys call it as you saw it. You're capable of doing that I'll bet.

On Adrian Peterson's performance

Stoops: Just special. The guy's is just a great, great player. He's a competitor and he had an excellent game. He's just a tough, hard-running guy.

On if he seemed more determined in the second half

Stoops: He's always determined. To say that he is relaxing in the first, he's like that from the second he steps on the field. Sometimes his holes were better, sometimes the crease is better. There's a lot of factors that go into it. It isn't just him.

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