Sorgen: Officials made an incorrect judgment

Verle Sorgen, the Pac-10 Coordinator of Officiating, talks about Saturday's OU-Oregon controversy.

This afternoon, correspondent Adam Fineberg was able to track down Verle Sorgen, the Pac-10 Coordinator of Football Officiating at his home in California to get his comments on the officiating during Saturday's controversial Oklahoma-Oregon game.

Below is a transcript from their conversation.

Adam Fineberg. I am looking for a comment on the Oklahoma-Oregon game, have you had a chance to review the tape?

Verle Sorgen: All I have seen is the ABC tape.

Adam Fineberg: Is there a reason you have not addressed it?

Verle Sorgen: You are using some loaded words here, excuse me for saying so. It is an important topic. You asked me if I have had a chance to review the tape, the only thing that is available to me so far is the ABC tape. I don't get the coaches tape until tomorrow. But it is a top priority.

Adam Fineberg: Can I ask what your thoughts were on the ABC tape?

Verle Sorgen: The conference is going to put out a press release about 3:00 today. So at 3:00 Pacific time the conference is going to put out a press release. We think that the officials on the field made an incorrect judgment. We are talking about the onside kick?

Adam Fineberg: Absolutely.

Verle Sorgen: Made an incorrect judgment on the onside kick and the instant replay also made an incorrect judgment by failing to correct it.

Adam Fineberg: Also, since you have not seen the tape, I am sure you have heard on the news, ESPN, sports talk that Oklahoma actually even recovered the football.

Verle Sorgen: Actually, I have not heard any of that. I have not tuned into any of those shows. I have been too busy.

Adam Fineberg: I am sure you will see that when you see the tape. For some reason, ABC missed it, OU missed it, nobody knew what had happened.

Verle Sorgen: Nobody knew what?

Adam Fineberg: That Oklahoma actually recovered the ball. The ball squirted through the scrum.

Verle Sorgen: Yeah.

Adam Fineberg: An Oklahoma player actually recovered it, but nobody was aware of it.

Verle Sorgen: Well, that is not true. The officials on the field knew that.

Adam Fineberg: They did?

Verle Sorgen: Yes, they did.

Adam Fineberg: But they awarded the ball to Oregon?

Verle Sorgen: Well, they had determined that an Oregon player down in the pile had it first and then had it taken away from him. But they were aware; I think it was No. 23 of Oklahoma who picked the ball up. They were aware of that on the field.

Adam Fineberg: Can you comment at all on the replay official and what is next for him? Does he get to continue...?

Verle Sorgen: I cannot comment on that, that comes from the conference office.

Adam Fineberg: I know Pac-10 requires that an interconference game use Pac 10 officials on their home fields, do you look for that to change in the future?

Verle Sorgen: That would have to come from the commissioner. All I do is assign the officials and grade them. Anything else will have to come from the conference.

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