Stoops wonders if suspension is enough

See inside for Bob Stoops' comments after Monday's practice, inlcuding his thoughts on the OU-Oregon officials' suspension, an update on OU's injury situation and an early look at Middle Tennessee State. (AP Photo)

More from Bob Stoops and his meeting with the media following the Sooners practice on Monday.

Opening Statement on the Pac-10's decision to suspend the OU-Oregon officials for one game

BS: At least they have reacted to it and tried. Truly there can be no amends to it and it can't be corrected. I think (the media) are fair to discern whether the actions taken against (the officials) or the individuals who had an opportunity to get it right are acceptable or enough ... compared to how our season has changed.

If you're going to write any of this, you need to say it all. I've made a million mistakes; I'll make a million more. In each game and in that game included ... there are things I could have done differently or changed. Unlike officials, players and coaches don't have that opportunity. They had an opportunity to get it right and they chose not to.

So I find it still absolutely inexcusable and unacceptable. In particular (the) people who had an opportunity to review it all and look at it and get it right. They chose not to. You discern whether a one-game suspension is appropriate for those individuals. I'm not talking about people in the heat of the moment out there in the middle of the chaos. I'm talking about people who, like every viewer at home, had an opportunity to see it. It's not for me to decide what is appropriate, but I think it's fair to say that a one-game suspension compared to the way our season now is altered, I don't know if that fits the situation.

Like I said, I've made a million mistakes. In a game I'd love to have a chance to replay it and do it over. They get that opportunity, we don't. To me again it's just unacceptable and inexcusable.

MEDIA: Did Adrian Peterson practice today after such a tough game on Saturday?

BS: "Yes, he practiced. But we held him out of most stuff today. Saturday, he had a hard day going at it like he does he was out there, but we just chose to not give him very many snaps. He went through blitz pickup, but that was about it."

MEDIA: How about Jon Cooper and DeMarcus Granger?

BS: "Those guys are limited in what they are practicing at this time. They should be fine and should be available for Saturday."

(Note: It is expected that freshman Chase Beeler will start his first game for the Sooners at center in place of Cooper, who the coaches would like to give two weeks off to get him totally healthy for Texas.)

MEDIA: What did you think of Marcus Walker's play against Oregon?

BS: "He played a really good football game. And in fact, he was the defensive player of the game for us. AD, Paul Thompson and Juaquin Iglesias together were the offensiveplayers of the game. Reggie Smith and Michael Cohen were the special team players of the Game. A lot of kids played well. Our special teams continue to be awfully good. Our cover units were good on all the kickoffs and Michael (Cohen) is punting the ball really well. We were just pleased with all that."

MEDIA: Have you changed anything about starting a possession before the clock starts?

BS: "We are always trying to be out there right away ready to snap it. We have been doing that for three games now."

MEDIA: Early thoughts on Middle Tennessee State?

BS: "They just shut out an opponent 44-0 last week. They gave Maryland a good game the week before. I have some familiarity with some of their coaches, who I think do a really good job. Defensively, they posted a shutout last week and they are really aggressive in how they play. We are just pushing ourselves to keep improving."

MEDIA: They have a good coaching staff don't they?

BS: "They have a lot of good coaches. Their line coach, Jimmy Ray Stevens, I was with at Florida for three years. G.A. Mangus is the offensive coordinator, who I was also with at Florida under Coach (Steve) Spurrier for a while. So yeah, they have a good group of coaches."

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