Stockstill on Oklahoma

Middle Tennessee State head coach Rick Stocktill talks about Saturday's matchup agasinst Oklahoma.

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Opening statement
We had a good win last week. We are looking forward to going to Oklahoma and I know our players are excited about going there."

How do you stop Adrian Peterson?
"I don't know if anyone has ever stopped him. He's a great back. I think he's the best back in the country. He has great speed, power, is a physical runner. He's dangerous in the kicking game. To stop him, control him, contain him, you have to get a lot of people around the ball. I don't see one guy bringing down. We have to get people to the ball."

Do you think you are playing Oklahoma at an awkward time after the manner in which they lost (to Oregon) last week?
"I think it is tough going there whenever. Everybody is making a big deal of that but it's Oklahoma. They are going to be excited to play football. Everybody is talking about what happened at (Oregon) but I know they will be ready to play and we will get a great effort. They have aspirations of a national championship. They can't afford another loss. They have to get back in the national championship hunt and we will get a great effort from them, as well as the remaining teams on their schedule."

What is the key to your defense controlling Oklahoma's offense?
"It starts with our offense. They can't score if they are on the sideline. It's imperative that we have drives and sustain drives with scores. We can't get down there and kick field goals. We have to score touchdowns when we have the opportunity. If we have a bunch of three-and-outs it is going to be a long day for the defense."

How do you prepare for the crowd noise there?
"We piped in some crowd noise during our practices and that helps. When we are on the practice field we are having our quarterback whisper in the huddle so you have to read lips as opposed to hearing and really pay attention. Defense is mostly signals anyway without a lot of huddle communication so I don't know that it affects them as much."

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