Hoops Recruiting: Lucas sets visit

Bellaire, Texas point guard Jai Lucas talks about his recent visit with new OU head coach Jeff Capel. Lucas, the brother of former OSU star John Lucas, is currently ranked as the 7th-best point guard prospect in the nation by Scout.com

Jai Lucas, PG, 5-10, 145, BELLAIRE, TEXAS:

JH: I know you are a little more than a month away before practice officially starts, so what you are doing basketball wise at this point?

JL: "We are playing in a little fall league right now. We play every Wednesday and we got beat today. We got beat at the buzzer. We play a bunch of guys and there are about 15 of us. We rotate every six minutes and we have a running clock with 20 minute halves. We play other high schools in the area."

JH: How are things going for you in your workouts?

JL: "I think things are going pretty good. This year I have to tighten my game up a little bit. We lost some big players on our team and we are not going to be as big, so I have to tighten my game up a little bit. I am going to see a lot of double-teams this year and I am going to work hard to get the ball to an open teammate. And I am going to work hard to getting my shot despite the double teams."

JH: So defenses are paying more attention to you?

JL: "I am going to get more attention this year. We are going to be pretty good, but right now we are a little young. Everybody on our team can shoot the ball, but I just have to help them get their confidence up."

JH: Did you have coach Capel in your home recently?

JL: "It went real well. Coach (Jeff) Capel and coach (Rod) Barnes came to my house last Sunday for a visit. Coach Capel was also in town today and he came by the school. He told me that he was going to change the program around for the better and how it was going to be a high level program."

JH: Can you share what he told you about what you could do for the program?

JL: "He said they really don't have a true point guard and that he really thinks that I could be the guy who could come in and run the team and help the team. He said that he hopes that I would come in and help OU win the National Championship. I was very flattered by what he told me."

JH: Have you set a visit with Oklahoma?

JL: "Yes, I did. I am going to visit OU October 20th."

JH: Have you set any other visits?

JL: "On October 15th I go to Kentucky for Midnight Madness, and then on October 28th I am going to Maryland for a football game."

JH: How is your recruiting shaping up at the moment?

JL: "I really have four schools that I am looking at really hard. They are Kentucky, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Maryland. Right now I have met with the three of the four school's head coaches. I have one more home visit with coach (Tubby) Smith at Kentucky. He is coming in on Sunday and the campus visits. So far I have liked what I have heard from the coaches. They are all very close. I believe that my campus visits and what the players and coaches say and do with me on those visits will determine who I sign with."

JH: What schools have you been to either unofficially or just as a fan?

JL: "I have been to Maryland unofficially and I have been to Oklahoma State to see my brother play. Those are the two schools of the four that I have been to for some reason."

JH: What are your general thoughts on Oklahoma?

JL: "I have always had great thoughts about Oklahoma when I think about them. When I talk to people about Oklahoma, I hear nothing but good things about them. I asked my brother John about Oklahoma and, of course, he has been there a couple of times and he had good things to say about OU. So if he has good things to say about OU then it must be a good school."

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