Recruiting: Receiver makes it official

Carrollton, Texas WR Corey Wilson talks about his decision and meeting with Bob Stoops.

Corey Wilson, WR, 6-0, 185, 4.47 CAROLLTON (CREEKVIEW HS), TEXAS:

JH: Have you made your decision?

CW: "Yes, I just got out of Coach Stoops' office after telling him I committed."

JH: How happy are you?

CW: "It is a big moment for me. I am definitely happy to get this decision over with. He was very excited, and so am I."

JH: How much did the fact that how the wide receivers played yesterday and had such a big day influence your decision?

CW: "Yeah, it was a real good day. I was sitting back watching them and I was getting visions what I could do there. I kind of already knew, but the game kind of helped."

JH: Have you told your brother Travis yet?

CW: "My brother called me right before I went in there and I told him that I will call him when I get out. I am going to call him in a minute. My mom was real excited and she told me she was real happy for me and our family."

JH: I bet your mom is happy. She is a Sooner by now isn't she?

CW: "She is a Sooner. And she is happy that she doesn't have to go out and buy new clothes and things like that."

JH: How much does it mean to you that you and your brother are both Sooners?

CW: "It means a lot to me because he has been here and he can help me through the next couple of years. We know people are going to compare us and we understand that, but we are confident both of us are going to have great things to talk about when it comes to our careers at OU."

JH: Is OU going to be your only visit?

CW: "Most likely, yes."

JH: Can you tell us what it was like being in Coach Stoops' office talking about your decision?

CW: "I was walking down the hall with Coach Sumlin and I had a lot of butterflies. I was wondering what I was going to say. He asked me a lot of questions and wanted to make sure I was taken care of on my visit. He then asked if I was any closer on my decision and I told him, yes, I wanted to commit. He was very happy and so was I."

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