Recruiting: OU commit suffers setback

The latest on Enid, Okla. linebacker and Sooner commitment Austin Box.

Austin Box, LB, 6-3, 215, 4.5, ENID, OKLAHOMA:

JH: How are things going?

AB: "Actually not to good."

JH: I know you got hurt, so what happened?

AB: "I was on a run and I stuck my arm down to break a fall and it bent my arm the wrong way."

JH: Let me guess, you got hurt on a play that you run or do 10 to 15 times a game?

AB: "I do it five to 10 times every game. I don't know what it was about this one but my elbow just gave out on me."

JH: Was it your left or right elbow?

AB: "I have dislocated my elbow on my left arm."

JH: Well, that is a break for you since you are righthanded.

AB: "Yeah, that is true. I guess I haven't looked at it that way, but that is better for me since I should be able to pass the ball with no problem when I come back."

JH: When will you be coming back? AB: "We are still not for sure really. I am going in tomorrow morning with Dr. Yates in Edmond and he is going to tell me what I need to do. I talked to a doctor Friday night in Tulsa at the hospital and his guess was that it would be two to four weeks, because I didn't break any bones or tear any ligaments."

JH: When you come back are you going to play quarterback?

AB: "Yeah, I am going to come back and play quarterback. I am looking to finish out the season and I hope I get well soon. I know that I will be playing quarterback and we will see about defense."

JH: How is your season going at this point?

AB: "We are 2-2 after our loss to Norman and Union. Union came into the game 0-3 and got after us pretty good. And in the Norman game, we just couldn't catch any breaks and lost that game."

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