Recruiting: Reed sticking with Sooners

The latest on junior college linebacker commitment Mike Reed.

Mike Reed, LB, 6-3, 250, YUBA CC, CALIFORNIA:

JH: How is your season going?

MR: "The season is going pretty well. As far as the record goes, it is going downhill. We are 1-3, but we don't go into our league until a week from Saturday. That is when we will get it together because we have a lot of young players on our team. My personal season is going well. I have 46 tackles and two sacks."

JH: Now that you are a known player are teams trying to block you differently? Are they paying more attention to you?

MR: "Teams come out and try to cut me all the time. I have to deal with a lot of cutting. So I have to play smart at the line of scrimmage and use my hands at the line of scrimmage. I have had two or three guys all go for my knee on one play, and I have to be smart and go after it. Everybody on the other team knows about me and knows my name. They are talking and I just have to go into every game and show what I am made of. I think I have done a pretty good job."

JH: What kind of defense do you operate in?

MR: "We are fighting hard on defense. We are running a 3-4 and we aren't very big on defense. I am bigger than our nose guard. I am 250 and our nose guard is 215 to 220. Our defensive ends are 200 to 220 pounds. We are very quick and fast and we get after it. We are very strong and we scrap, but we have to defend the pass better and we need to work on our cover skills."

JH: Are you still committed to Oklahoma?

MR: "Yes sir, I am. That is where I am going to go. That is where my heart is set on going. I told coach (Brent) Venables to not worry about it and my parents are sold on Oklahoma. So Oklahoma it is."

JH: At Oklahoma, you are going to have big guys up front and great players around you. I bet you can't wait to play at the D-1 level?

MR: "I can just run around and hit people. I don't have to worry about centers and guards getting out on me. Coach Venables has told me about all the great talent that I am going to be surrounded by and I am going to be playing with. You also can't ask for better fans than the ones at Oklahoma."

JH: Are other schools still trying to recruit you?

MR: "Other schools that are trying to recruit me. I am hearing from Cal and Oregon. Oregon came to my game to the other day to see me and a couple of other players. I have told both of those schools that I am going to Oklahoma, but they say they still want to recruit me. Don't worry, it doesn't matter who is calling me. I am going to Oklahoma."

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