Recruiting: OKC athlete looking elsewhere?

Gerald Jones talks about his upcoming visit to the East coast and his interest in Oklahoma.

Gerald Jones, ATH, 6-1, 190, 4.49, OKLAHOMA CITY (MILLWOOD HS), OKLAHOMA:

JH: How is your season going?

GJ: "It is going great. Everybody is doing well on the team, as far as the offense and defense. I am just happy for my teammates. Last year I had all these rushing yards, but this year I am throwing the ball a lot and my receivers are getting a chance to catch a lot of passes. Last year I had 700 passing yards and this year we are passing the ball a lot more. I have 600 yards already and seven touchdowns. My receivers are helping me out a lot and my offensive line is playing great. Even with the one loss, I would have to say our grade would be an A+ so far this season."

JH: You are throwing the ball a lot better this year aren't you?

GJ: "This year I am so much more comfortable in the pocket. I could count on one hand how many pass plays that we have called that I have taken off running, where last year I would have taken off. I have grown up this year as a quarterback and I am more of a complete quarterback this year."

JH: You are still a very dangerous rusher, so how many rushing yards do you have?

GJ: "I believe I have somewhere around 450."

JH: Have you gone to any college games since the season started?

GJ: "I haven't gone any games so far, but I am taking an official visit to Virginia Tech this weekend."

JH: What position is Virginia Tech recruiting you for?

GJ: "Virginia Tech is recruiting me as a quarterback. If I play quarterback at the next level, Virginia Tech is probably the only school that I would play quarterback for."

JH: What position do you want to play at the next level?

GJ: "It is a hard choice. One day I see myself playing running back and some days it is wide receiver. I really think my best position in college would be running back. It is my most natural position. I don't think I would have to learn a bunch of new technique as a running back, because I know how to rush the football. At receiver, I would have to learn a lot about routes and the depth to take and angles and that kind of thing. That is something that I am willing to do if I go somewhere and they want me to play running back."

JH: Since OU is back in the hunt for a quarterback ,have you thought at all about playing quarterback there?

GJ: "I believe it was a week or two after we started the season, I threw three touchdowns against Star Spencer and Bob Stoops was there. He told me that I looked so good at quarterback that I could play quarterback at Oklahoma. I really don't want to do that because I really think my best positions are running back or wide receiver."

JH: At this point we know you have a serious interest in Virginia Tech since you are visiting this weekend, but what other teams are you still considering at this point?

GJ: "I am also looking at Florida and Tennessee. I really like Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, and the reason I put them above the others is because I really know a bunch about them. Now I may go to Virginia Tech and I may like them so much that I put them above the others. I also like Notre Dame and Michigan."

JH: Have you ruled out OU?

GJ: "No, I didn't mean that at all. I know a lot about Oklahoma and I am still considering them, but as far as all the schools that I know a lot about I still have to put Texas Tech and Oklahoma State above them. I think if I go to Oklahoma I would be redshirting next year. just think at Texas Tech I would be put into a better position to showcase my skills next year. At Oklahoma State, I think I would have a chance to play faster than I would at Oklahoma."

JH: Have you set any other visits yet?

GJ: "I am going to Tennessee on November 5th and to Texas Tech on November 7th."

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