RECRUITING: Denton Ryan HS has dymanic duo

Denton Ryan Head Coach Joe Florence talks about Jarvis Moss and James Battle

Denton Ryan High School has two of the top players in Texas this year in All-American defensive end Jarvis Moss and quarterback James Battle. Moss is currently without a phone, but I have been able to book Moss and his coach Joe Florence on First Sports on KREF Friday at 7:35 AM. Until then, I hope this little Q&A with Coach Florence can tie you over.

JH: You have two great players in Jarvis Moss and James Battle. It must be great to coach players like them?

JF: As a coach it is a great comfort. I haven't been in that situation very often. For the last three years at Denton Ryan we have been fortunate to have some great talent and we have been able to turn lose that talent and let them go play.

JH: How good is Moss?

FL: I definitely feel he is one of the best in the Texas and when we hear him compared we are honored. For a big kid that can run like that he is a fantastic athlete. Not many guys 6'7 can run like he can. He is truly a great football player.

JH: Is he a defensive end in college?

FL: We think so, but he has to get heavier on the next level to play defensive end. He is a pass rusher and we play a split eight-man front to take advantage of his skills at this level. In college some might use him as an outside linebacker or some might line him up at defensive end and turn him lose on the quarterback. He is best getting after the quarterback.

JH: How many sacks did Moss have a year ago?

FL: Jarvis had 28 sacks last year but Brian Smith, our other defensive end, had 35. Brian signed with Missouri after he was named the Class 4A Defensive Player of the Year. We hope to have back-to-back defensive players of the year with Jarvis.

JH: How good is your quarterback Battle?

FL: If there is a better one in the country I would like to see him. He is 27-3 as a starter over the last two years and that is the best attribute about him. James is a very athletic quarterback at 6'2, 195 pounds with 4.5 speed in the forty. He will pull it down and run when he has to, but he has great pocket poise and threw for 3,000 yards and 38 touchdowns this past year.

JH: What are both thinking in recruiting?

FL: Both young men are open in recruiting. They are not going to commit early, both are going to take their time and take some trips. Both have been very candid about that and they just don't want to worry about recruiting at this time.

JH: Since we are in Oklahoma, let me ask if Oklahoma or Oklahoma State might be in the recruiting picture for both?

FL: Yes, I would say so. They have both expressed an interest in Coach (Bob) Stoops and Coach (Les) Miles. They have not indicated they are leaning to either school, but they have indicated that they are seriously considering both schools. I would think they would consider visiting at least one of the two schools and maybe both.

JH: What kind of roll will you play in the recruiting of Moss and Battle?

FL: I am here to help on anything they ask me to do. I don't know if I have any big role, I am just here to answer questions for the family and so do whatever they ask me to do.

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