Recruiting: Will America's top DE visit OU?

The latest on Avondale, Ariz. five-star defensive end Everson Griffin.

Everson Griffin, DE, 6'4, 260, 4.6, Avondale (Agua Fria Union HS), Arizona:

JH: How is your season going?

EG: "We are 6-0 right now and ranked No. 1 in power points and ranked No. 2 in the newspaper. I am not sure, but I know we are ranked No. 1 or No. 2 right now."

JH: How are you doing individually?

EG: "I have 57 tackles, 12 sacks, five forced fumbles and one blocked kick. On offense, I have 87 carries for 580 yards at fullback and 10 touchdowns. Playing fullback is alright, but I like playing defensive end better. I like to hit instead of being hit."

JH: Are teams paying you a little more attention now that you're ranked the No. 1 defensive end in the country?

EG: "That has kind of always been the case, so I don't know if I am getting any more attention this year. Teams know where I am lining up on defense. I am always getting double-teamed with the guard and tackle and many teams bring the tailback over as well."

JH: Have you been on any visits officially yet or attended any games unofficially?

EG: "My first official visit is this Friday at Notre Dame. It is going to be fun. I just want to get down there and see the campus, see the stadium, see the facilities and just soak in the atmosphere. That is what I am going to do with all my visits — just to get there on a game day and see what it is like."

JH: Have you set any other visits?

EG: "I have visits set with Oregon (11-4), USC (11-25 vs. Notre Dame) and UCLA (12-2 vs. USC)."

JH: Are you going to visit Oklahoma?

EG: "I don't know yet. I am trying to decide that right now. I am also considering Michigan for that fifth visit."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

EG: "I have been watching them play this year. They have been doing pretty well, but I really don't know right now. Coach (Chris) Wilson came to my game on Friday and I like him a lot."

JH: It is obvious that you don't mind leaving the state do you?

EG: "No, I don't mind leaving the state at all."

JH: Do you have a favorite in recruiting at this time?

EG: "No, I don't have a favorite."

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