RECRUITING: When will Cade decide?

The latest on Lewisville, Texas safety prospect Tony Cade


JH: Football starts on Monday. Are you ready for it?

TC: I am ready to get practice underway. I am tired of summer and ready to get ready for the season. I like how our coaches coach us and get us ready. It is a great team atmosphere around here and I am ready to get it going.

JH: Last time we talked you were worried about so many young players on defense around you and Pleasant. Are you still worried?

TC: I hope our defense comes together over the next couple of weeks. Actually, our young guys have no choice, they have to get ready to step up and play.

JH: Are you happy with your summer workouts?
TC: My bench went up to 325 and I weight210 pounds, but I will probably play at 200.

JH: How is recruiting going for you?

"Recruiting is still going pretty good. I just recently got a letter from Miami and I have been waiting for that. I still don't want to say that I have any top schools, but I am still looking OU, Texas, Florida, Miami, UCLA and Georgia."

JH: Is there a chance that you will commit early? Or will recruiting go through the season?

TC: I don't think I will make a decision until after the season is over. Once football starts, I am not going to really think about recruiting. I am not going to be rude, but once football starts all the phone calls are going to stop so that I can concentrate on football. Then, once the season is over I will get back into the recruiting grove again.

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