Recruiting: Miami commit looking at OU

Keller, Texas DT Chris Perry talks about his trip to OU-Texas and interest in the Soooners.

Chris Perry, DT, 6'5, 305, 4.95, KELLER (FOSSIL RIDGE HS), TEXAS:

Good defensive tackles are hard to come by, but when one does come along he draws a lot of attention. And that is why Chris Perry has heard from just about every major team in college football. Perry continues to climb in the rankings and he is currently ranked a four-star and the 19th-best defensive tackle in the country.

Perry knows as an athletic big guy he can play a number of different positions, but he says defensive tackle is where he will fit in best.

"I want to play running back. No, I am just kidding," said Perry. "I want to play defensive tackle. I don't want to play on offense and I don't think I am good on offense. On defense, I have great explosion and quickness off the ball. I play with some nasty on defense. Some coaches have talked to me about dropping some weight and playing defensive end, but I want to stay strong and I will play defensive tackle in college."

Perry has been a major factor along the defensive front at Fossil Ridge for some time.

"I lettered my sophomore year and started a few times, but I didn't start the whole year. I got a few starts at defensive tackle. Last year I was in the starting line-up the entire season at defensive tackle and this year I am going both ways. I start at defensive tackle and I am averaging about seven tackles per game. I haven't got into the game on offense yet, but I am playing offensive tackle."

He can bench 405 pounds, squat 620 and he has posted a 26.5 vertical jump. Perry also powerlifts and he has posted a total 1580. He will be one of the favorites at the state power-lifting meet.

Perry went to the Texas A&M camp, but didn't work out there. He also took an unofficial to Miami with his grandfather and he attended the All-American combine in San Antonio.

"I committed to Miami on that unofficial visit to Miami," said Perry. "I just went down there and liked what I saw. Everything is good with Miami right now. There is nothing wrong with Miami, but I am no longer committed to them. I just want to make sure whereever I sign that is the school where I really want to play. That is why I have set up some other visits. I have set visits to Nebraska (11-4) and Oklahoma (11-10)."

Perry got his first taste of big-time college football when he attended the OU-Texas game this weekend.

"It was tight. It was hot out there, but it was cool to watch that game. I had never gone to a college game and it was so cool to pick that game for my first game. It was great seeing all the fans and the teams warm up. Then to watch the bands at halftime and just all that went with that game just made me want to play college football even more. The fans were fantastic and every play in that game is important. I have watched a lot of college football on television, but to go to a game in person like the OU-Texas game was a great experience."

Would an opportunity to play in the OU-Texas game or a game like it be a factor in Perry's decision?

"Not really. What is more important about Oklahoma is that it is close to home and my family can easily get up to watch me play. I would still be interested in OU if they didn't play in that game."

So what are the important factors in Perry's decision?

"It just depends on the feel that I get where I go, depth chart and just a feeling about it. I want to find out if the program is going down, because if that program is going down I know that one man can't turn around a program. I want to go to a program that is consistently good or is on an upswing like Florida. But that doesn't rule out Miami just because they are having one bad year. I understand what is going on and I know that Miami is still a very good program."

What are his thoughts on Oklahoma?

"Oklahoma has a good program and a good tradition. They fight hard and I saw the game and they fought hard. They have some good young players on that team that played well in that game and some day I might be a part of it. It was great watching how well their defensive tackles use fundamentals. It was great watching what a good stance looked like when I was watching Oklahoma. I watched what they do to stay low and how big their base is. I watched how Oklahoma tried to beat blocks and today when I went back to practice I tried to work on some of those things."

Perry does have a top three, but that is always flexible.

"Miami, Oklahoma, Nebraska and I have about 30 other teams that are recruiting me. I even heard from Texas the other day."

Chris has qualified and Fossil Ridge is 4-1 at press time.

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