Recruiting: OKC star gaining interest in OU

The latest on Oklahoma City, Okla. athlete Gerald Jones.

Gerald Jones, ATH, 6-1, 190, 4.49, OKLAHOMA CITY (MILLWOOD HS), OKLAHOMA:

JH: Congratulations on being named to the Network Army All-American game?

GJ: "Man, I am so privileged to be invited to that game. I am humbled and honored to be one of the 80 players for that game. I can't believe it. I am going to go down there and represent Oklahoma well."

JH: What position did they say they are going to play you in the game?

GJ: "They are going to play me at wide receiver. I don't care where I play, I just want to play in the game."

JH: Did you get hurt in your last game?

GJ: "I dislocated my thumb on my throwing hand. I was running and I got tackled. I fell on it and then somebody fell on top of me. It was hurting instantly, but I didn't know it was dislocated. I didn't find out until halftime, but I still played in the second half. I finished with 310 passing yards and I rushed for 234 yards. I set a total offense record for the school and I was told that I was 29-yards short of the national record for total offense."

JH: It sound like Millwood is playing pretty well right now?

GJ: "We are playing alright at the moment."

JH: Did you go to the OU/Texas game at the Cotton Bowl?

GJ: "No, I didn't go. I had to stay home and study for two tests."

JH: Have you been to any college game unofficially this year?

GJ: "No. I haven't."

JH: What visits do you have set up?

GJ: "I have set a visit to Texas Tech (10-28 ) and Tennessee (11-5). I am working on visits to Florida and Virginia Tech. I am still trying to decide between Notre Dame, Nebraska and Florida State for the final visit."

JH: What about OU and OSU?

GJ: "I probably won't take an official visit to either OSU or OU, because they are so close. I will probably just take unofficials to both schools because I have been to both schools so many times."

JH: What is the latest in your recruiting situation?

GJ: "A couple of things have changed. As far OSU and Texas Tech are concerned, I still liked them a lot. I like OU a lot more than I did a month or so ago. I finally got a chance to watch OU play in a big game and I loved how they competed in that game and how they played. I was watching the OU-Texas and I love OU's style of offense. OU throws the ball a lot and they use a lot of formations and a lot of receivers.

"That game looked incredible to play in and the hype of the game was incredible. I loved the atmosphere in the game and that is a game I would love to be a part of. I also noticed a lot of young players in the game, so I now know that Coach Stoops will play young players.

"I also have a stronger interest in Florida. I saw Florida's offense and they pass a little more than I thought they did. I didn't know they passed the ball that much and their atmosphere in their stadium is crazy. That would be a fun place to play."

JH: Do you know when you are going to announce your decision?

GJ: "I may announce at the Army All-American game, but I need to talk it over with my teammates. We have talked about signing together at the high school and I am not sure what they want to do about announcing the decision. If they are alright with it I might announce at the game."

Jones has qualified.

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