Toliver: "It was crunk"

Five-star receiver Terrance Toliver talks about his experience at OU-Texas.

Terrance Toliver, WR, 6-4, 190, 4.5, HEMPSTEAD, TEXAS:

JH: How is your season going?

TT: "We are 4-2 right now. We lost to Lexington and Giddings. I didn't play against Giddings because I had a staff infection on my elbow. Then we played Trinity and beat them 42-6. I didn't play in that game either."

JH: I know you went to the OU/Texas game, so what did you think?

TT: "It was pretty good. It was exciting. I had never been to that game before. I got to it kind there late and that made me mad. I thought OU could have played better, but they played hard."

JH: Did you just watch the game or did you pay more attention to the wide receivers?

TT: "I got to watch everybody and every player. I watched the game, not just the receivers. I thought it was a good game for Malcolm Kelly and Manuel Johnson. I think they could use their receivers a little bit more and I think they could have thrown the ball to Kelly a little bit more. I think I can go there and be on the other side of Kelly. We can be like the dynamic duo at OU. It would be Malcolm on one side and Terrance on the other. That would be a great combo."

JH: What did you think of the Cotton Bowl and how it was split up?

TT: "I thought it was crazy that the OU and Texas fans were split in the middle. I had never experienced anything like that before. I thought it was crunk. I felt like I could have played in that game."

JH: You have only been to a couple of games so far haven't you?

TT: "I have only been to Texas A&M and OU. Those have been the only games that I have been to so far. My official visit to OU went real well."

JH: Have you set up any other visits?

TT: "I have set up a visit to USC for the Notre Dame game at the end of the season. That is the only other game I have set up at the moment. I am going to set up visits to Florida and LSU."

JH: Do you have a favorite right now?

TT: "I like Florida, LSU, Oklahoma, USC and Miami right now. I still don't have a favorite. The one I pick will be my favorite."

JH: Also, congratulations for being named to the Scout Network Army All-American game.

TT: "It is very exciting to be named to that game. I have been thinking about that game since my freshman year when I first started watching it. I have dreamed about being an All-American in football or basketball since I was young, and it is a great honor to be named an All-American in football."

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