Recruiting: Sooners offer Kansas lineman

Kansas City OK Donald Stephenson names his top three and interest in Oklahoma.

Donald Stephenson, OL, 6-6, 275, KANSAS CITY (CENTRAL HS), MISSOURI:

JH: Did you make it down to the OU/Texas game?

DS: "No, I didn't get to go. I was planning on going to OU sometime this year."

JH: You were scheduled to go weren't you?

DS: "I wanted to, but my dad wasn't able to take me there so I didn't get to go. But I had made plans to go."

JH: Did you watch the game on television?

DS: "Yes, I did. It was a very good game. I think OU could have won it and should have won it."

JH: Can you watch a game like a fan or do you find yourself always watching the offensive linemen?

DS: "Yeah, I end up studying the game because when I am considering a school like OU I watch what their left tackle is doing and what their O-line is doing. I am watching and calling plays with them and pay attention to how many times they are running and passing. When it comes to teams that I am interested in like OU, it is hard to just sit back and watch and enjoy the game."

JH: How is your season going?

DS: "We are having a pretty one so far. We are 5-1 and we start our district play next week. I haven't been playing for the last two games because I broke my big toe on my left foot. We were running a tackle trap play and I pulled and I kicked out the end. The running back cut up field and I was running with him. I laid out trying to block the safety, and when I laid out my toe landed straight on the turf and I knew I hurt it right away. It hurt pretty badly, but the doctors said he was glad that it broke cleanly and didn't tear any tendons or anything."

JH: Will you be playing again this season?

DS: "I will be back and most likely I am going to be ready by the second district game."

JH: When you were healthy how well did you play?

DS: "I did well in my first two games. I had the most pancakes and I graded out in the high 90's both games. I was just a few points of being perfect."

JH: What is going on in recruiting with you?

DS: "I am still considering everybody that has offered me. I am still looking at OU, KU, Nebraska, Missouri and Texas Tech. OU offered me a couple of weeks ago. OU came up to one of my games and I was hurt during that game. They watched film of me and offered me after that."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

DS: "I like Oklahoma a lot. I told them that I was excited about them offering me a scholarship. I am seriously considering signing with OU. I like the coaches at OU. Coach (James) Patton is a great guy and basically Oklahoma is Oklahoma. They have a great tradition and they always have good players and good coaches."

JH: Do you have a favorite?

DS: "I have top three. They are KU, K-State and Nebraska. All three of those schools offered me early and I feel more comfortable with them right now. That is why I want to get up to OU to see how I would fit in and just to be around the players and coaches some. OU is one of my top schools, but they just offered me recently and I feel more comfortable and have been around the other schools longer. That could easily change once I visit OU."

JH: Have you set a visit to OU?

DS: "I want to go up to one of their home games before their season is over. I just need to talk it over with my dad and see when he is free so that he can take me up there. I don't want to wait until the season is over, because I want to go up and see one of their games and experience a game atmosphere at OU. For the rest of the schools I will probably wait until December. I will probably take visits to KU, K-State, Nebraska and Missouri in December. I was going to visit Texas Tech, but that is going to be a stretch to get out there."

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