Two Minute Drill: D.J. Wolfe

Junior cornerback D.J. Wolfe talks about his frustrating start to the season.

Coming into this season, junior D.J. Wolfe was considered a candidate to be an All Big-12 cornerback at the end of the season. Wolfe finished last season strong and had an excellent summer and preseason camp, but once the season started he struggled giving up big plays.

Wolfe has been benched at one point already, but he has eventually worked his way back into the starting line-up. Against Texas, he played a great game except for one play, but that one play resulted in a 33-yard touchdown to UT receiver Limas Sweed. However, D.J. is a fighter and he didn't duck any questions in our Two Minute Drill.

JH: How frustrating of a year has this been for you thus far?

DJ: "It has been the worst season that I have ever had playing football. The only good thing or only positive thing about that is that there is still over half the season to go and still time to right the ship."

JH: Isn't another positive for you that the defensive coaching staff has not given up on you and they keep running you out there?

DJ: "Yeah, that is another good thing. It is just very frustrating, especially with myself. I look at myself as a guy who my team can depend on and count on, and so far I have not done that."

JH: Did you feel like you had a pretty solid game outside of the one play against Texas?

DJ: "Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright said that I played pretty good and that we played pretty good holding them to 230-yards of total offense. But like Coach (Brent) Venables preaches to us, that it could have been a whole lot better. Personally, my play could have been a whole lot better and other guys have said that about themselves on defense. We could have played a whole lot better against Texas and had a different result maybe."

JH: What happen on the one play, because it looked like on most of the play you have good coverage?

DJ: "Yeah, it and it was a purple all-out blitz and we change it a couple weeks ago. Instead of playing inside man I was supposed to be head up. He said from the TV angle I was half-man inside so I think that had a lot to do with it." JH: So if you had lined up right at the very beginning of the play you could have defended it better?

DJ: "Possibly, yes. Like he said, that had a lot do to with it. It was just technique and a mental thing."

JH: Was there anything abnormal between a receiver and defensive back at the end of the play?

DJ: "It is the ref's job to determine that and since there wasn't a flag thrown and he didn't say pass interference, I guess there was nothing wrong with the play."

JH: With Reggie moving over to strong safety, that has given you, Marcus Walker and Lendy Holmes a chance to hold down the two corner spots right?

DJ: "I think that is a testament to us three guys that the coaches just have confidence in us. They can still move Reggie to safety and they can still feel that the three of us can get the job done at corner."

JH: Are teams testing you more this year than last year?

DJ: "I don't think we have played up to our best standard. I played better last year so far and that is very frustrating."

JH: You can still have a good season can't you?

DJ: "Sure. I can play well in the remaining games and in the bowl game. I can re-establish respect with the opposing teams, coaches and my own teammates."

JH: Are there certain techniques that you feel you need to improve on to play better the rest of the season?

DJ: "It is a lot of technique. It is likecoach Stoops says, the emphasis is on being a good technician. He says for us to look at the better corners in the NFL and it will be all about footwork and being in position to make the plays. That is something that when I first made the transition from running back to cornerback I knew I would constantly have to work on. In practice, I go out and work harder and grab a couple of extra drills here and there and try to get an extra rep here hoping that it would help."

JH: Iowa State has three big receivers, so you are going to get challenged this weekend aren't you?

DJ: "Yeah, they have three great receivers — each one with over 24-catches on the season through five games. I think we will be ready for the challenge. They have a great quarterback in Bret Meyer. We will be ready for the challenge."

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