Thompson reacts to Peterson's injury

OU's senior quarterback knows defenses will shift their focus with the loss of Peterson.

Below are the questions and answers from senior quarterback Paul Thompson's postgame press conference on the loss of Adrian Peterson.

First of all, before we even talk about today's game, that's certainly you didn't want to hear for your team the rest of this year

PT: Exactly. You know, AD is a big part of this team, the focal point of this team. So it will be good to see how we respond.

You certainly don't plan for that kind of situation

PT: You don't. You definitely don't. With a workhorse like he is and it was kind of a freak accident almost. He's scoring and he's just kind of diving out. He's been hit all year probably harder than that and he gets an injury on this type of play. So, I mean, it's just tough.

First thoughts about what goes through your mind about what this does to the offense.

PT: We'll have to get some other guys a lot more reps, obviously, and cycle through those guys. They have had reps in practice and so we'll have to just give them more and more reps and get a little rotation of running backs going.

Talk a little bit about AP and Gute and just a little bit about what those guys can bring.

PT: They're all great backs and Gute reminds me a lot of Quentin Griffin and AP just has a lot of explosive power. Real quick, shiftier type of back. And you know, we have some freshmen, too, that might have to play. We'll see how that goes and leave that up to the coaches as far as their plans and where we go starting on Monday.

Puts an added level of pressure on you and the passing game.

PT: Right, it does. It's kind of flipped, maybe. They started out, you know, trying to stop AD and now, you know there may be more pressure on me and maybe letting more happen in the run game. So we've got to stay focus and execute, running backs gotta step it up and let's go.

I feel with our receiving corps, with the amount of reps we've had with our guys that we'll still be successful passing.

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