Recruiting: Speedster set to visit Norman

Tatum, Texas receiver Darnius Moore profile and update.

Darnius Moore, WR, 6'1, 183, 4.4, TATUM, TEXAS:

When a team has a dominating running back like Lennon Creer, many times other players will get overlooked. But most of the time the other players on the team will also get noticed. Considering Darnius Moore's speed and ability, he probably doesn't need any help getting noticed, but he and Creer are best friends and they don't care if they share the publicity.

"Lennon is one of the best running backs in Texas, and I guess in the nation," said Moore. "He deserves all the publicity that he can get, and I am glad that people notice that I can play as well."

Moore is a two-year starter at both wide receiver and cornerback, but most college coaches like his ability at wide receiver where he caught 27 catches for 423 yards and eight touchdowns last season. He was also fantastic on reverses rushing for 287 yards and two more touchdowns. Moore is just as gifted on defense finishing with 53 tackles and five interceptions.

"I like offense better because I love to have the ability to get the ball in my hands and make things happen," said Moore. "I don't have as much control over the game on defense in my opinion. I have the ability to get open and I haven't found many defenders who can keep up with me. When I run deep routes most defensive backs are trying to catch up with me, and then when they drop deep I will take a throw in front of them, find the seam and just take off before they can react.

Moore can bench 240 pounds, squat 395 and he starts in hoops at point guard. In track, Moore runs 100 hurdles (13.73), 300 hurdles (37.3), sprint relay (third) and mile replay (first).

Moore is beginning to get more and more attention from college recruiters, and he currently has offers from Oklahoma State, Missouri, Texas A&M, UTEP, Nebraska, Florida and Arkansas.

"I don't have a favorite," said Moore. "My recruiting is going well and I am having fun with it. This summer I took unofficial visits to Oklahoma State and Tennessee, but that is it so far. I am going to take my first official visit to Oklahoma on Saturday. I am talking to Tennessee and Florida about taking visits to their schools. I will go to Tennessee early in December, and I am still trying to set something up with Florida."

Oklahoma has not offered him at this point, so what kind of interest does he really have in the Sooners?

"I really don't know that much about Oklahoma," said Moore. "I mean, I know about them because they are one of the best teams in college football, but I have never been there and I don't know anybody that goes there. I am interested in them and I am looking forward to the visit on Saturday. Oklahoma has not offered me yet, but they are talking about it. I will get a lot more interested in Oklahoma if they offer me."

What isn't talked about much is the desire of Moore and Creer would like to attend the same school.

"We have talked about it a lot," said Moore. "We would like to attend the same school. If we can make that happen we will, but that is not going to be what makes our decision for us. We both have to like the school and have a good opportunity at the school."

Tatum is off to a 5-1 start. In the last game, Moore's teammate running back Lennon Creer rushed for 190 yards and three touchdowns.

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