Peterson praying for speedy recovery

See inside for quotes from Adrian Peterson's press conference on Wednesday. Petreson talks about the projected length of his recovery, whether or not he'll play in a bowl game and backups Allen Patrick and Jacob Gutierrez.

Note: OU Sports Information Director Kenny Mossman instructed the media beforehand that they were not to ask Peterson questions related to his future in the NFL.


On if he immediately new he was injured after he fell on the touchdown run

Peterson: Yeah, I knew right away that it was something seriously wrong. The last thing I remember is just getting ready to dive into the end zone and getting my left leg clipped and kinda laying awkward on my left side. Immediately, I knew something was wrong.

On if he was going to dive into the end zone anyway because of the pursuit

Peterson: Yeah.

On if the doctors have given him a timetable for his possible return

Peterson: I don't know. They say 4-6 weeks. It just depends on how things heal. I just got to sit back and just take my time and let it heal correctly.

On if he's been in a lot of pain this week

Peterson: Oh yes, a lot of pain.

On if he finds it ironic that he's a physical player and and that he got injured landing in the end zone

Peterson: Yeah, it's crazy just taking the pounding I take and all the other hits I've received and stuff like that, to see how crazy it is to fall like that and unfortunately broke my collarbone. It's kinda crazy when I sit there and replay it back.

On what he'll do conditioning-wise while he's rehabbing his injury

Peterson: I'm looking for the first couple days just to rest and cope with the pain and whatever. Just stay on top of my conditioning, if it's riding a bike or something. I'm pretty sure Schmitty, he'll get around to helping me stay in shape (smiles).

On how long before he can start doing other conditioning work other than his rehab

Peterson: I feel like I can start doing a little bit right now. With my shoulder right now the first couple days, I'm just trying to get used to the pain or whatever.

On his thoughts on playing in a bowl game

Peterson: I'm praying each night for a speedy recovery. I love to play the game, so I would enjoy going out there and playing with the guys and be back on the field.

On what he'll tell Allen Patrick and Jacob Gutierrez before Saturday's game

Peterson: I'll tell them to go out there and run hard, give your all. I know those guys. I've practiced with them. I know what kinda of attitude they have, so I know they'll go out there and fight, not necessarily for me, but I know they'll be thinking about me when they're out there running the ball. I know they'll go out there and take care of business.

On if he's always healed quickly after every injury he's had

Peterson: Yeah, I guess you can say that (smiles).

On the irony of him getting injured during his fathers' first game to watch him play

Peterson: Yeah, it was crazy because at first I was saying to him that this was supposed to be a happy day. He just told me everything happens for a reason, so you've got take it for what it is and stay focused — keep believing, keep praying in God that he's going to make your path clear. So that's all I've been doing -- staying positive, keeping my attitude positive and just trying to move forward.

On being 151 yards from Billy Sims' record and if he'd like to get there and break the record

Peterson: That's something pretty cool. Actually, I didn't really know about it until after the game, so it's not something that I've just been focused on. I go out there and play to the best of my ability and things just happen. It's not something I'm just focused on. If anything, it would be go to out there and play the game I love, have fun. And on top of that, to play with my teammates. That's what I'm really looking to getting back to do.

On the talk of whether he should or shouldn't play in a bowl game if he's healthy

Peterson: Like I say, I'm looking forward to playing. I don't know how soon it will be when I recover, but I'm looking forward to play. So don't be surprised.

On if he'll still attend practice

Peterson: Yeah, I'll probably talk to my coaches. I'm planning on still coming to meetings, keeping up with everything, the protections, just keeping me on top of my game. Then after practice, the guys like to see me out there and everything. I would've these past two days but with I'm just in pain. I look forward to going out there today and being out there with the guys.

On he and Allen Patrick's communication during practice

Peterson: Yeah, just little things. If there's a cut I missed or I didn't see, I ask could I have made a better cut? Or did I cut with my outside leg or what could've happened to make it through the gap or crease or whatever. We sit back and just give each other different information like that, and Gute also. There's this kind of bond we've got.

On this team overcoming a lot since the season began, and if he thinks they can get past his injury

Peterson: Yeah, one player don't make the team. With that being said, we've been through a lot and overcame adversity, so the guys are going to stay focused. Some of the guys came over last night and just talking to them, I understand they've got a positive attitude about it and they're ready to move forward.

On if it will be hard for him to watch the games

Peterson: Oh yeah, it will be very hard. But that's part of it, you just have to deal with it. You can't let it get you down. You have to be able to deal with it and make the best of it.

On if he's been sleeping in a sitting position

Peterson: Yeah, sitting up. It's very difficult and painful. I'm trying to work at it.

On if he sleeps in a chair or a recliner

Peterson: I'm just sitting in a bed against the wall trying to sit up. I've got a little recliner I sit on, but it's not that comfortable so I try and get in that bed so at least my lower body can be comfortable somewhat.

On what was going through his mind Saturday in the Locker Room after the game

Peterson: I don't know, there was a lot different thoughts that ran through my head. They say everything happens for a reason. You don't want to question what God does, so it was just kinda hard. Dad told me all the time it's like a light switch, it can get cut off just like that. So I just had to realize, hey, that light switch is just off like that so what are you going to do with it? Are you going to hold your head down or are you going to help your team out and keep your head up and move forward?

On what he expects to see from Patrick and Gutierrez in the coming weeks

Peterson: I expect those guys to go out there and get it done. They're good athletes, different style of running. They've proven that they both can play, so I think those guys will go out there, make big plays and continue to play OU football.

On what was Saturday like before the injury

Peterson: It was a very exciting time for me. I was excited. I found myself for one of the first times coming out running out trying to find somebody in the stands. It was emotional, but at the same time knowing what you've got to get done. You've got to take care of business. You can't go out there and try to do too much because that's when you end up messing up. It's really a happy time, but staying focused on what was in front of me at the same time.

On his mom breaking her ankle on Saturday

Peterson: Yeah, it was crazy. I told her this is a day we won't forget. After the game, she just ended up breaking her ankle playing basketball. It was a crazy weekend.

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