Bob Stoops' Postgame Quotes

Since inside for OU head coach Bob Stoops' comments following OU's 24-3 win over Colorado.

Opening Comments

Coach Stoops - I was really pleased on how they (the defense) played the entire night, just on our positioning, they were solid. You saw all the moving and jumping around all night that Colorado does. I thought they did a great job recognizing, adjusting to what they were doing and being physical in tackling and containing their quarterback as well. Extremely pleased that way in the way we played.

Offensively, the same thing. I thought we really managed the game. It was really, I guess everyone knows and could tell how windy that was here. The conditions weren't the best. I believe that resulted in a lot of the drops. We had quite a few drops out there. They had a hard time throwing it as well. Just the gusts of wind that were down there were really tough.

Extremely please with how we managed the game. Our running backs really ran hard, they took care of the football. That's a team defensively that's played well against everybody, so I really loved, liked the way we did run it and kept with it. We took care of the football, all of those backs, the ball was never loose on any of them. That's pleasing.

I thought Paul was really good. He had a lot of drops on him. He threw a lot of nice balls, and again, with the gusts of wind, I thought he managed the game really well. Offensive line did a really good job, I felt, running, protecting the quarterback. And so, overall, the kicking game, too, with this wind I thought was really solid and we managed it in a really good way. I dunno, in handling the football, in all the kicks, again just very solid.

Again, defensively, just tackling and our positioning on the ball was just excellent.

You had success in the third quarter moving the ball against the wind.

Coach Stoops: Really well. I thought in the third quarter our offense did a great job even though on that fourth down we got stopped on about our, what is it, our 30 or 35 yard line, I think it was around the 30 yard line. But we moved the football. We ate up time and then we changed field position. And that was big as strong as the wind was today.

How do you think your running backs played with the absence of Adrian Peterson?

Coach Stoops: Really proud of Allen Patrick. I thought he ran the ball really tough, really well. And then Jacob (Gutierrez) came in and complemented him in a really good way and made some really nice runs. And then Chris Brown getting his first start out there. We wanted to keep giving it to him there at the end to give him some experience. We're gonna have to play him, so we've just gotta get him snaps.

I thought Trent Williams went in for Branndon Braxton and did a really nice job. Branndon broke, I believe, his fibia, and so he'll be out now. But Trent came in there and did an excellent job.

Another thing. I think on our last, not the last scoring drive but the one before that, I think we picked up three different third down conversions. Paul did a really good job in that series of moving the football.

I'm not gonna make excuses for the receivers and tight ends but we need to catch it better. The way the wind was swirling, that had a lot to do with it, but in those conditions, you just have to focus and concentrate more and make some of those catches.

Now you hit the road next week and will spend most of the rest of the season on the road.

Coach Stoops - That's alright. If you're in a good conference, they don't let you play at home all the time. So we're well aware of that and looking forward to the challenges.

Talk about how the wind affected your decision making during the game

Coach Stoops: I know before the end of the first quarter, I called a time out, you know, so that we would have it and have a chance to kick the field goal and to kick off with the wind. And I figured, heck, you don't get any bonuses for having them going into the locker room, so I figured I might as well use them. Fortunately, it worked and we were able to pick up the field goal and kick the ball out of the end zone. So you just have to watch it when it was a factor like it was.

How impressive is it for somebody that's a role player to step in and carry it 35 times, grind it out against this type of defense?

Coach Stoops: It's impressive. Allen's a tough guy, though. He's a competitor as well. I always love his attitude. He's got a lot of toughness to him. And again, proud of the guy. Jacob and Chris are going to be good complements to him. So I thought the three of them, what I'm most proud of is how physical they were, how hard they ran up in there and how they took care of the football.

Can you talk about Curtis Lofton and Nic Harris, how they came in there for Reggie and DeMario?

Coach Stoops: Yeah, during last week's game, DeMario Pleasant had to have surgery on a finger. He was able to play, but he's got a club on it, so that makes it tough. Curtis did a nice job, did well from what I could see. And Nic, though Reggie played, we felt he missed enough practice that we weren't sure about playing him too much. Nic's been playing really well. So in our heavier sets, where Nic's not the nickel, we played Nic at that safety position and he did a really good job. And then a little bit we were in our nickel, he goes over in his spot and Reggie was able to play in that part of it. I thought our coaches did a nice job managing that.

Talk about the year Garrett Harley is having. He's almost automatic.

Coach Stoops: He is playing well. He hit the ball again today in a really good way and so I'm very pleased with Garrett and his consisitency. He's got a really strong leg, so he's as powerful as most guys out there, or more so. I don't know what his range is with no wind, it's in the 50s.

Why did you decide to do with Chris Brown out of all the freshmen?

Coach Stoops: He's got a really good knack and he's been probably overall the best with the football, seeing seams, making something happen. He's got great vision, he's got a natural feel. And those other guys do too. We just felt he's a little further along.

This is the fourth game your defense has held the opponent under 250 yards - today it was under 200 yards. Haven't they made great strides?

Coach Stoops: They really have. I get greedy. I was disappointed that actually we gave that third and 19 to let that drive continue. We had tight coverage, though. I tell you, they made a nice play, kid made a diving catch and Lendy was all over him. That's gonna happen.

But I'm pleased. They're playing well. Our communication's better, our adjustments have really been sound. And we didn't have those plays where I've said in the past, regardless of who you're playing, you give something up because of your positioning or you didn't make a check or you didn't put yourself in position where we had worked. We didn't have those issues, so we're getting sounder and better that way.

Reggie Smith came up limping after a play in the fourth quarter. Did you think about getting him out of there early?

Coach Stoops: He did? I didn't notice. He's fine. I mean, that's part of the deal. We've got enough guys out. Doctors say he can play, he can play.

That leg should be much better as he goes. If it was something that would get worse, we wouldn't be playing him. It's something that should heal and should get better with time.

Seemed like there were more quarterback draws tonight. Was that something with Colorado that you saw on tape and felt it was something you could exploit?

Coach Stoops: Yes, sometimes the way somebody defends you and what they give you, you feel you have opportunities for that, so we felt we might have a few more with the way they were playing.

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