Recruiting: Texas WR checks out Norman

Tatum, Texas receiver Darnius Moore talks about his visit to Norman.

Darnius Moore, WR, 6-0, 175, TATUM, TEXAS:

JH: How did your visit to OU go this weekend?

DM: "It went well, I had a lot of fun."

JH: What part of the visit did you enjoy the most?

DM: "It was sitting around with the players in the locker room and spending time with the players."

JH: What did you think of the OU/Texas game?

DM: "It was just fun. Listening to the crowd go crazy and enjoying the game."

JH: Did you watch the wide receivers a bunch or were you able to just sit back and watch the game?

DM: "I watched how much they rotate, and then I paid a great deal of attention to my good friends Malcolm Kelly and Manuel Johnson. Malcolm went to Longview and that is right down the road from Tatum, and I have played against Manuel. They were also my hosts on the visit and we had a great time just hanging out."

JH: Do you feel like you could fit in with OU offense?

DM: "They say that they are looking for a speed receiver and they say I have that kind of ability. I think they would use me like they use Malcolm and Manual, and maybe run me on more reverses."

JH: So do you think the OU offense is the kind of offense you could fit into?

DM: "Yes sir."

JH: Did you get a chance to get out and see the university and see Norman at all?

DM: "I think the campus and facilities were pretty neat. They are fantastic really."

JH: What did you tell coach Stoops at the end of the visit? What did he say to you?

DM: "Coach Stoops told me that OU definitely wanted me and that I could play early at OU. He told me that he was going to keep in touch with me and I was glad to hear that."

JH: Now that you have visited OU, do you still have an interest in the Sooners?

DM: "It is a pretty good college, and I still have an interest in OU."

JH: You said before the visit that you and your teammate and friend, Lennon Creer, would like to go to college together. Both of you visited OU this weekend, so did that get brought up at all on the visit?

DM: "OU said it would be great if both of us came to Oklahoma."

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