Hoops Recruiting: Top prospect visits Norman

Sacramento, Calif. star Vicki Baugh talks about her official visit to Oklahoma.


JH: What did you think of your visit to OU?

VB: "It was a nice place and the girls were a lot of fun. I enjoyed my visits."

JH: What did you think of the campus and the city of Norman?

VB: "It was actually a little bit larger than I anticipated. I thought it was gong to be a small town with horses. I found out it was a nice college town with Oklahoma City just a few minutes up the road."

JH: Did you get a chance to hang out with the team much?

VB: "I had an opportunity to hang with all the girls and I had a great time. I stayed with Courtney and Ashley (Paris), Erin Higgins and Chelsi (Welch), at their house. The team is really close and that is a good thing.

JH: Did you watch practice?

VB: "It is very intense. They are always challenging each other and I don't think I saw them take a break."

JH: Do you feel that OU's style of play fits your style of play?

VB: "Definitely. But I saw that beforehand because I watched d few games. They are a fast-paced team and they run the ball, and I see my style play in a fast-paced offense getting up and down the court."

JH: Are the Sooners still in the running for your services now that you've been to Norman?

VB: "Yes, definitely. They are still on my list."

JH: You have already visited Tennessee, California, UCLA and now Oklahoma. Are there enough differences in the four schools to give you some intangible things to decide on? Or are they are all so similar that you will find it tough to find some tangible things to work off of?

VB: "They are all different. I haven't been to LSU yet, but Oklahoma is kind of similar to Tennessee because people are involved with the basketball program. That is a big difference from schools in California as the fan support is so much greater. Support from the administration and fan support is a big deal to me."

JH: Does distance bother you at all or any influence in your decision?

VB: "I am very used to it. Travel doesn't bother me at all. I travel with AAU basketball all the time."

JH: Do you plan on announcing your decision after you visit LSU this weekend?

VB: "If I feel I am ready for that decision, I am going to make it. I think I will be ready."

JH: So is Oklahoma going to be a school that you seriously consider in the end?

VB: "Yes, I still feel pretty good about Oklahoma."

JH: Are you enjoying the recruiting process or are you getting tired of it?

VB: "I am enjoying it all the way. I am very fortunate."

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