Recruiting: OU still in the hunt for top DE

The latest on Baton Rouge, Louisiana defensive end Frank Alexander.

Frank Alexander, DE, 6-3, 241, BATON ROUGE (SOUTHERN LAB), LOUISIANA:

JH: We haven't talked since you visited OU, so how is your season going?

FA: "The season has been going real good. My season was going great until I had to have my appendix removed. It was an emergency and I had to set out three games. I am not sure why this happened, but they say it could have been something that I ate or stress. I just got back into the line-up this past Friday and my coach only played me in the first half. I still managed to make eight tackles and I had one sack, so I felt pretty good out there."

JH: When did you start having medical problems?

FA: "I had gone to one of my friend's house on the weekend to stay over there. We went to the mall and had some chinese food and later I didn't feel very good. The next day at school, I was at practice and had to leave the field. I just thought it was food poisoning, but I went to the doctor and he said it was my appendix."

JH: How many games did you miss?

FA: "We are 5-3 and I have played in about four and a half games. We are going to finish with a winning record and finish 7-3. We are going to make the playoffs and I am going to be 100 percent for those."

JH: Have you taken any other visits besides OU?

FA: "OU is still the only school that I have visited so far."

JH: Have you set up any other visits?

FA: "No, I don't have anything else set up right now. I am working on a visit to USC."

JH: Who else do you hope to visit?

FA: "I am still looking at LSU, Miami, Auburn and Nebraska. That is about it right now."

JH: What are your current thoughts on Oklahoma?

FA: "They still play a big role in my recruiting. I still talk to OU all the time. Coach Wilson came down to my game on Friday. He was there for the whole game so he saw my first half performance."

JH: So you still have a great interest in OU?

FA: "Yes sir. I really like OU. They are still playing a big role in my recruiting.

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