Hoops Recruiting: Lucas says visit still on

Five-star point guard Jai Lucas talks about his visit to OSU and his upcoming trip to Norman.

Jai Lucas, PG, 5-10, 145, BELLAIRE, TEXAS:

JH: How did your visit to OSU go?

JL: "It went good. It is always great when I can go to OSU. I feel comfortable at OSU and it is great seeing everybody again. It is always a great experience."

JH: You have been to OSU a million times, so did you actually learn something about them that you didn't know before on your official visit?

JL: "I got to see the campus on my visits. Before, all I got to see was the arena or my brother's apartment. This time I got to eat at Eskimo Joe's."

JH: You mean you have been to OSU all those times and you never had been to Eskimo Joe's before this weekend?

JL: "That is correct. Eskimo Joe's was off limits to my brothers' teams according to Coach Sutton."

JH: Now that Sean is the coach at OSU, how do you feel your talents will fit in with his offense and what he is trying to do?

JL: "I figured I would fit in like my brother did. Sean coaches like Eddie did and I think it would be the same way my brother did."

JH: Are you still visiting OU?

JL: "Yes, I am. I am going on the weekend of November 4th."

JH: where does your recruiting stand now that you have visited OSU?

JL: "It is pretty wide open. I am going to finish my four visits and then I am going to sit down with my family and talk things over. At that point, we will see what happens after that."

JH: Talk about Oklahoma as your get ready to take your official visit there?

JL: "I really want to see the school and the town, and get on campus and see what that is all about. I have never really seen the campus and I want to see what campus life is all about. I really like coach Capel and I want to talk with him at length and get a feel for him what he has in mind for his program. I like and respect him so much. I like talking to him and I want to get to know him and his players better, and see what they have from a basketball standpoint."

JH: Does style of offense matter to you?

JL: "I always like to play up-tempo. That is where my style fits in best. But I feel comfortable in any kind of offense and feel I can run the team."

JH: There are reports out there that say that you have narrowed your choices down to OSU and Kentucky, and that you are only giving OU a token visit. Are those reports true?

JL: "That report is greatly exaggerated. I am going to take all my visits and then sit back and see what I think."

JH: Does depth chart or the opportunity to be the man your freshman year mean anything to you?

JL: "You always want to go somewhere where you are really wanted and you can come in and have a big impact. It is not being afraid of competition, but it is just going somewhere that you can have a bigger impact. So if you go somewhere where there is a point guard, then I might have to play out of position. I could do that, but that is something that I will think about it."

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