Bob Stoops' Postgame Missouri Quotes

See inside for OU head coach Bob Stoops' comments following OU's 26-10 win over Missouri.

Below are quotes from OU head coach Bob Stoops' postgame radio show following the Sooners' 26-10 win over Missouri.

On the win

Stoops: It was a really good win. Really pleased with just our execution, the way we played, the effort, being physical on both sides. Just real pleased.

On the turnovers being key

Stoops: they always are. Fortunately, we were able to get some and we only gave up two. I'm a little displeased of course about that, just because I didn't feel there was anything that violent that happened that forced them. That's where we can be better, and we've been harping on that.

Paul Thompson did a great job and I'm so pleased with our line up front, tight ends. We used two and three of them a lot, and then our fullbacks did a nice job. And then AP (Allen Patrick) just did a great job running the football.

On the goal line stand

Stoops: That was great. That was such a huge part of the game. That was a big. They tried to run it the first two times and we knocked them back, and I think talked them out of it the last two times and forced them to throw it.

On the long drive following the goal line stand that saw teh offense move the ball to Missouri's 30-yard line before Thompson's fumble

Stoops: That was big. That was a really key drive. Even though we fumbled at the end of the drive, I was pumping them up that, 'Hey, that was a heck of a drive.' We moved that football off the 1-yard line.

On the play of cornerbacks Marcus Walker and Lendy Holmes Stoops: They played great. Marcus Walker's interception was as fine an interception — I've been around a fair amount of time coaching DB's forever and that was a great play.

On Lendy Holmes

Stoops: He really did. The defense, just everybody, they covered great and I thought did an exceptional job.

On the play of Patrick, Gutierrez and the line being able to pound the ball late against Missouri's stacked deck

Stoops: They did a great job. Trent Williams is in there and from what I can tell did a great job. We didn't have any procedures, they were great at the line of scrimmage and they were really physical.

On the play of the tight ends

Stoops: That's what I was trying to say last week with the wind the way it was. They had a few drops and everybody wants to act like (they can't catch). These are good players these tight ends. What's great is when they're out there you have all those options running the ball, and then they can catch and run. It gives the defense a dilemma.

They're pleased with how they played and just did an excellent job.

On the defensive adjusting to Missouri's hurry-up, no-huddle offense

Stoops: Yeah. Then they also, if you noticed coach Venables did a nice job with coach Wright on the sideline, they (Missouri) started in their empty set where they have no backs and they started putting the trips into the boundary. So we had to make a quick adjustment on the sidelines to that.

"That was part of that drive, even though they were going quick. The trips into the boundary, they have not done yet. So we had to adjust some of our personnel to get it lined up, and fortunately we did it right away in that series. And then we were pretty good after that again.

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