Recruiting: Catching up with Jontae Bumpus

The latest on Muskogee, Okla. defensive end and OU commit Jontae Bumpus.

Jontae Bumpus, DE, 6-4, 220, MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA:

JH: What do you think of your season up to this point?

JB: "We are 7-2 and right now I am going through some back injuries. I have been fighting through them for a while, but I have been able to play through them. I have been going to the chiropractor and I have been able to get the tension out of it before the game. It is mainly back spasms. I am not sure what my stats are at this point. I will wait until the end of the season to see where I am at."

JH: Have offense's paid more attention to what you are doing on the other side of the ball knowing that you're committed to Oklahoma?

JB: "Kind of, but it has really been the same as it was last year. Last year they really didn't double-team me, but this year they have double-teamed me a lot. It has been harder for me this year."

JH: You were in Dallas for the OU/Texas game, so what did you think of that game?

JB: "I thought it was a good experience. I saw things that I have never experienced before and probably will not be able to experience. That was a whole new thing for me. I knew the players were big, but I didn't know they were going to be that big. I can't wait to next year to really find out what kind of players OU has and what kind of players they play against."

JH: Have you been able to hold your weight this season?

JB: "I weigh about 216. So I have been able to hold my weight this season."

JH: How has your season gone this year?

JB: "I was doing great until my back started to bother me. I am still getting there, but it seems like I am moving a little slower."

JH: Are you going to take an official visit to OU?

JB: "Yes sir. I am going to wait until our season is over before I take my official visit."

JH: Muskogee is one of the top teams in a very tough Class 6A. Do you still feel good about the Roughers' chances of winning the state title?

JB: "I still think we have a great chance to win it. This week we will have everybody back and nobody missing. Our quarterback, Rell Lewis, is going to be back so we are going to be a full strength."

JH: I understand you don't get a chance to sleep much?

JB: "Well, I get up around 7:15 (a.m.) and get to school by 8:00 (a.m.). I go to school all day and as soon as school is over I go with my teammates into meetings to watch film. Then we go straight to practice and that is over around anywhere from 5:00 to 6:00 (p.m.). Most nights I then go to work at McDonald's and I get off about 11:30 (p.m.).

"By the time I get home and get situated, it could to be about 12:30 (a.m.). I try to work on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, so that I can have days off towards the end of the week and can get a little more rest for the game. When I get into the playoffs, I am going to try to take a couple of days off so I can be well rested."

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