Patrick: "I like contact"

Oklahoma's junior Allen Patrick talks about his running style and move to running back.

Allen Patrick is one of the most likeable guys on the Oklahoma football team. His easygoing nature and Southern disposition is easy to like, and he is a team player both on and off the field.

On the field, Patrick is as tough as they come and his toughness certainly gravitates to the rest of the team. Subbing for the injured Adrian Peterson, AP has proven to be one of the best running backs in the country carrying the ball 35 times in back-to-back games for 267 yards and a touchdown.

Patrick is a very physical player. and that is felt in the Sooner huddle. He loves his opportunity at the moment, but knows that he is only holding the fort until AD can come back. He is content with that, but while he is is the man he is going to enjoy it, just like he enjoyed talking to Monday for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: Just think, if OU didn't have so many injuries last year at running back you might still be in the secondary and not having this success that you are currently having at running back?

AP: "Yeah, I would probably still be on defense right now. The way things worked out, the right thing happened for me that they moved me to offense last year."

JH: Did you tell the coaches you wanted to change positions? Or did they ask you?

AP: "The coaches just called me up to their offices and asked me how I would feel if they switched me to running back. So I kind of went that route."

JH: You weren't that happy on defense were you?

AP: "As first, I was playing safety and they kind of moved me to corner. I was playing both so I really didn't get settled in at one spot. Then when they switched me to offense, it all just kind of sunk in because I stayed at one position."

JH: I interviewed you once when you were playing corner and you didn't sound too happy, right?

AP: "I had not played corner since my sophomore year in high school. So I was kind of rusty out here at corner."

JH: You were a hard-hitting safety in junior college, so it shouldn't be a surprise should it that you are a physical running back?

AP: "I like contact. Growing up, my father told me to hit the biggest guy all the time. If I jumped in line to hit somebody smaller, he wouldn't let some other person skip in line to hit me. So I was always hitting bigger people."

JH: So it is just human nature that you are going to be a physical running back?

AP: "Yeah, that is the type of person that I am. I like physical play. That is what football is to me."

JH: Does the more physical the game get, the better you get?

AP: "Yeah, I think so. I kind of get into a groove of grinding things out and getting down field. That is my style."

JH: Was your dad your coach when you were young?

AP: "No, but he was always around. He would come to my practices and come to my games when he could. He just kept me on top of things. He was the one that broke me out of the fear of hitting. He would tell me how things went for him and how to do things. I just took that to heart and just stuck with it."

JH: Did Junior College turn out to be a good thing for you?

AP: "I think it was a good thing for me. It got me to where I am at today, so I look back at that as a positive thing in my life. It can't get any better for me. I went that route and it was hard route, but I made it out."

JH: You have 70 carries in the last two games, but I was talking to you after the game against Missouri and you said you were ready to play another game. You really didn't feel that good did you?

AP: "Once I get into game mode I am pretty much a little robot. I like to go out there and make the other team get a little winded. I am pretty sure the other team gets tired of hitting me if I keep going hard like I am doing. I am pretty sure the other team is finally going to get the idea I am not going to stop."

JH: What do you think of Texas A&M's defense?

AP: "I think we are pretty much going to go out there and stick with our gameplan. Texas A&M has a good defense and you can see by their record that they are a pretty good team this year. It is going to be a good game."

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