Bob Stoops' A&M Postgame Quotes

Stoops improved to 3-1 against the Aggies in College Station.

Below are quotes from OU head coach Bob Stoops' postgame radio interview with Merv Johnson and Bob Barry Sr.

On the win

Stoops: Yeah, it was an exciting game. I'm proud of the way the players hung in there and kept playing. They made enough plays to win. Shoot, sometimes it's that way.

On the running game and the defense

Stoops: The defense again was really, really strong. They made a couple big plays here and there to set up some field goals, but they're going to do that. Fortunately we held, forced some field goals and won the game.

On what went through his mind before he decided to go for it on fourth down

Stoops: Well, everything. Everything went through at some point or another. In the end, I just felt we've got to be able to make an inch. The bottom line, they had the wind. Though it wasn't a big factor, it's a factor. It's going to effect your punt a good 10-15 yards, and it's going to effect the field goal a good 10-15. I figured, shoot, I'm not going to give them a chance. I just felt, shoot, if we can't make a first down...I just felt we were going to make it.

On it being tough to call (aggressive) offense in the second type of that kind of a game

Stoops: It is, but I was very pleased with the way Kevin (Wilson) played it and the way we did it. They were very conservative in how they covered and that's why there was so much run game there. We just wanted to be smart. Maybe we'll go back and look at it, maybe there was some more opportunities we could've taken advantage of throwing it.

We were playing good defense, and Kevin's been really good that way. It's easy if people allow you to do this, that or the other, and then you get a ball tipped or the ball stripped out like happened, you've got to be smart. We were and fortunately made enough plays to win.

On the secondary having a good night

Stoops: The whole defense. The option takes everybody. The second half, they basically quit running the option. So the one sprint draw play we had trouble with, but outside of that we played everything else really well.

On the two turnovers in the second half

Stoops: Right, but the defense responded on both of them and did a great job. Even backed them up, I believe, on both of them.

On the onside kick call

Stoops: We had three guys touch it, didn't they? I don't regret it one bit. I felt we had a great opportunity for it. It was there and we just weren't able to get it.

On Curtis Lofton pulling off A&M QB Stephen McGee but still getting a personal four call

Stoops: Yeah, he pulled of of him. That's the way it goes. But you're right, that led to points as well.

On the players sounding excited in the locker room

Stoops: Guys are proud themselves (laughs). They hung in there and fought to the end and made the plays they needed to to win.

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