Hoops Recruiting: Lucas back from Norman

Five-star point guard Jai Lucas talks about his official visit to Norman, OU's facilities and relationship with Jeff Capel.

Jai Lucas, PG, 5-10, BELLAIRE, TEXAS:

JH: What did you think about your visit to Oklahoma?

JL: "I had a great time. It was nothing from what I expected, it was a complete 360. It was a just a great experience."

JH: What did you expect going in and what did you come out of there with?

JL: "You get the impression with Oklahoma being a football school that you wouldn't think they care that much about basketball. You wouldn't think they would have great practice facilities or anything. But they have great practice facilities and they have a great understanding for basketball. They have a love for basketball too."

JH: So you came out of there with a feeling that OU cares a great deal about hoops?

JL: "Yes, I did. The people around there, like the Athletic Director and his staff, all have a great feel about all the sports at OU. That was a plus. Then just how they have the practice facilities, game arena, training room and weight room all right there connected to the stadium. You don't really have to go anywhere to play basketball. It is all right there at the arena."

JH: How much did you get to hang around with coach Jeff Capel?

JL: "My relationship with coach Capel improved a lot. I love coach Capel and the whole staff. I just had a great time being around them and getting me pumped. I like where they are headed with the program. It is going to be a great program in a couple of years."

JH: Did you get a chance to meet the players and hang around with them at all?

JL: "Yes, I did. Michael Neal was my host and we did a little bit of everything. Herb (Pope) and I went to the team movie. We went to see 'Borat' and it was pretty solid."

JH: What did you think about OU's practice?

JL: "What I noticed about practice was how hands-on coach Capel and the rest of the coaching staff are. Coach Capel was almost playing with the team. That is always great when you have a coach who is involved like that."

JH: From a point guard perspective, how important is it that coach Capel was a point guard and he is still so involved in the game?

JL: "It is very important just for the fact that he played college basketball at the highest level at Duke University. I am pretty sure he knows what he is talking about, and the fact that his dad is an NBA Coach and his brother was a high profile player you can't ask for much better than that.

JH: Now that you have seen the program up close, have they enhanced their chances to sign you or did you leave Norman saying to yourself that OU wasn't the place for you?

JL: "Oh no, I didn't not leave saying anything like that. My visit did enhance their chances a lot. I really liked it a lot."

JH: Are you still planning on making a decision this week?

JL: "My family and I are going to sit down and we will have to see where it goes from there."

JH: Where does your recruitment stand with you at the moment?

JL: "Right now they are all even. I went on all my visits with an open mind, so when we all sit down we will weigh the positives and negatives that we saw from each University and see where it goes from there."

JH: What are some of the criteria that you and your family will work off of?

JL: "We get into more so how I feel on campus, around the coaching staff and around the rest of the players. Basketball really isn't a big part of that conversation, because my family feels wherever I go I will be able to play basketball and I will be good. It is more of a big factor that I am going to go where I feel comfortable."

JH: Does the talent that is going to be around you matter at all or the talent that is coming in through recruiting?

JL: "That isn't that big of a factor because every school that I am considering can win a National Championship. I feel all the schools that I visited have a pretty good shot. That is always important."

JH: Did you win the horse competition against coach Capel?

JL: "Coach Capel won the horse competition. He has some weird shots that he shoots. He can stand at half court, throw the ball in the air and make it bounce in the rim."

JH: How did it go making the visit with Herb Pope?

JL: "Here is a great person. I have known Herb since eighth grade. I got to know him at camps in 8th grade. He had a great time, but I have no idea what he is going to do."

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