Recruiting: Reese takes in OU-A&M

Will Pflugerville, Texas running back Joseph Reese still visit Oklahoma?


JH: How is your season going?

JR: "It is going terrible. We don't have much of an offensive line and we have won only two games. We have gone from a playoff team to what we are now. This has been a terrible year."

JH: How is your season going individually?

JR: "I am not really playing tailback this year. We don't have much of an offensive line and everybody knows we are going to run the ball, so they moved me to wide receiver hoping to free up some running room. They get the ball to me every once in a while, but not as much as they should. They are not using me as they should, and this week they have moved me back to running back. I told them it is a little late for that."

JH: Did you go to the OU/Texas A&M since they are two of the schools that you are most interested in?

JR: "Yes sir, I went. That game was what it was. There wasn't much throwing in that game, It was boring. For a while, OU was just running up and down the field on them. Then it was amazing how Texas A&M used Jovorskie Lane. They are not using him right. Heck, on the two-yard line they could just hand the ball to him and he would score. Or they could run their QB behind him and score from two-yards out. One thing that I did notice, is that Texas A&M is set at running back for the next few years."

JH: What were your thoughts on Oklahoma?

JR: "Overall, I thought they did pretty well with their rushing attack. But they didn't look like they throw the ball that much and their quarterback didn't have a great game. They are set at running back too. I thought when they lost AD they would struggle a little bit, but both of those back-up running backs are pretty good. That was really a pretty good game between two pretty good teams."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting with you?

JR: "I am going to Arizona November 24th. I just took my test two weeks ago, so I haven't set up any other official visits yet. I have to get that score back and then get registered at the Clearing House. I have to slow down and let the process take shape. I want to take all three visits and I can't until I get that score back."

JH: So what schools do you want to visit officially?

JR: "I really don't know, but my parents want me to look at Arizona because my brother is up there (Terrell). My parents tell me they would like to see me go there, because it would be easy on them to see both of us play. Then I have this verbal commitment to Texas A&M. Texas A&M told me that I could come in and play as a freshman and that they weren't going to recruit any more running backs. Well, they have real good running backs coming back and they have recruited another running back. So they are going back on their word and my dad doesn't like that. He tells me because they have not kept their word that I should open my recruiting up and take some visits. I tell him that I don't want to go back on my word, and he tells me that they are not keeping their word and that he wants me to take other visits. So I say OK."

JH: Are you still interested in Oklahoma?

JR: "I haven't really talked to Oklahoma that much lately. When they call I am asleep or not at home. I still plan on taking an official visit to OU, but I haven't set anything up with them. I still have a great interest in them and I look forward to my visit there."

JH: What other schools will you take officials visits to?

JR: "I am going to visit Arizona, OU and Clemson. Clemson offered me recently and they are recruiting me at both running back and cornerback. They are telling me I can play both positions. I don't know about Texas A&M at this point."

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