Recruiting: Romine set for official visit

Union, Okla. OL Matt Romine talks about his upcoming visit to Norman and future visit plans.

Matt Romine, OL, 6-6, 270, UNION, OKLAHOMA:

JH: Your team is playing its best football at the right time heading into the playoffs aren't you?

MR: "We are on quite a streak. We have won seven games in a row and I hope we keep it going in the playoffs. We play Muskogee this weekend."

JH: What turned your season around?

MR: "The main thing is probably improving every week as individuals and as a team. We needed to get better every week, even in games we lost I thought we got better. Each week our ability has improved and lately we just took off and things got better for us."

JH: How is your season going individually?

MR: "It is going well. These last couple of games have not been big games, but I am having a fun season and I am doing what I am supposed to do."

JH: What are you supposed to do?

MR: "To not get beat and to mash people, I guess."

JH: Are expectations of you greater this year because you are the top offensive linemen in the state?

MR: "That is true, I feel a little more pressure this season. My name has been out there a little bit and I know more people are paying attention to me this year than in years past."

JH: I haven't talked to you since you visited Notre Dame, so what did you thinking of your official visit there?

MR: "My Notre Dame visit went fine. I have been there more times than any other school besides OU. I have been to OU the most. I got a chance to go through it as an official visit and got to take in a gameday atmosphere at Notre Dame. I have witnessed that before, but Notre Dame has one of the best gameday atmospheres that I have been to. I have been to USC, but that was kind of boring until they made a three-play drive at the end of the game to win that game. That was awesome."

JH: Is Notre Dame's gameday atmosphere better than OU's?

MR: "Both Oklahoma and Notre Dame draw over 80,000 people. I don't know if a Notre Dame game can rank up there with an OU/Texas game day atmosphere, but the home game atmosphere is about the same."

JH: You have been to OU a number of times unofficially and you visit there officially this weekend, so what do you hope to learn about them this weekend that you don't already know?

MR: "It is kind of the same thing that I looked for at Notre Dame. I just want to go through an official visit at OU and get the sense of what that is like. Many people ask me why I am taking a visit to OU when I have been there so many times, and it is because I want to go through the recruiting process and learn what OU does and what it is like to be a recruited athlete at OU. I am sure I will see things and learn things that I don't know about OU."

JH: Are OU and Notre Dame still your top two schools? And how many other schools are involved in your recruiting at this point?

MR: "Oklahoma and Notre Dame are two schools that I am considering very much. That hasn't changed. I have been to Michigan, and for my last two official visits I am looking at Miami, Florida and Tennessee. I am still considering every one and I want to keep an open mind as I go on these visits. I want to get a feel for each school and see what they are like, and when I get done with the visits then I will sit down make my decision."

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