Recruiting: Jones says 'Anything can happen'

Oklahoma State commit and five-star Dallas, Texas defensive end Richetti Jones talks about his interest in OU.

Richetti Jones, DE, 6-3, 225, DALLAS (LINCOLN HS), TEXAS:

JH: I heard you got hurt. What happened?

RJ: "I jumped to block a pass at practice and nobody even hit me. It was a freak accident because when I came down, I heard my leg snap, crackle and pop. It was my hip, not my leg. When I first did it I thought I broke my ankle, and then I realized my hip had popped out of place. I couldn't even get up and the coaches had to carry me off the field. When I went to the hospital the doctor said I dislocated my hip and fractured two other bones in my hip."

JH: When will you have surgery?

RJ: "They did surgery the next day. They put a metal plate and five screws in my hip."

JH: Are you rehabbing yet?

RJ: "I am resting and trying not to put too much pressure on it."

JH: How long are you going to be out of action?

RJ: "They say I will be 100 percent in two or three months. It is just broken bones and they heal."

JH: How was your season going before you got hurt?

RJ: "It was going real well. I had 13 sacks and 50 tackles. It was going real good practice and I hurt it at practice. It was also on the day that I was selected to the Army All-American game."

JH: Are you visiting OU this weekend?

RJ: "I don't know yet, it all depends on how my hip feels. I am going to take a visit there and it may have to be during bowl practice. I just can't move around for long, but maybe I can this weekend."

JH: Are you still committed to OSU?

RJ: "I am still committed to OSU, but I am going to take some visits. I don't know where. Maybe it won't be anywhere, but to OU."

JH: Does OU still have a chance to sign you?

RJ: "Yeah, I am going to visit there. I am telling you anything can happen."

JH: How is your season going?

RJ: "They are doing alright. We made it to the playoffs. We have one more regular season game and then we start the playoffs. We will probably end the season 7-3."

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