Recruiting: OU DE prospect checks out Auburn

The latest on Baton Rouge, La. defensive end Frank Alexander.

Frank Alexander, DE, 6-3, 241, BATON ROUGE (SOUTHERN LAB), LOUISIANA:

JH: Are you still in the playoffs? And if so, how well are you playing?

FA: "Yeah, we are still playing. We have our second round playoff game this Friday. We won our first playoff game 58-0. I did pretty well. I had three sacks, 10 tackles and one catch."

JH: Did you make your official visits this past weekend?

FA: "I went to Auburn."

JH: What did you think about your visit to Auburn?

FA: "It was real nice up there, I had a good time. It is a good opportunity for me to come in and play early. The football program is going well. They lost to Georgia, but you are going to lose a game or two every once in a while. They have a lot of players coming back and they are going to win a National Championship at some point."

JH: So you have taken two visits at this point? Is that right?

FA: "I have been Oklahoma and Auburn, and I am going to visit probably Nebraska or USC."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this point?

FA: "Oklahoma is still in the picture. I haven't made any decisions yet and I am still open to anything. Oklahoma was my first visit and you always think your first visit is cool. Then I go to Auburn and that visit was real nice. I just have to sit down and decide on which school is for me."

JH: So is this an Oklahoma/Auburn race?

FA: "No, not at all. I am still looking. Those two schools are very high, but I still have LSU, Nebraska and USC. All of those schools are very high as well."

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