Recruiting: Jones watches OU-Texas Tech

The latest on coveted Oklahoma City athlete Gerald Jones.


JH: I hear things went pretty well for you this weekend?

GJ: "We won 27-2. They got two at the end of the game and we had to stop them inside the five-yard line. We got the ball on the three-yard line and we tried to pass. They blitedz and I just threw the ball through the back of the end zone. I had a pretty good day. It was alright. Rushing, I didn't do so well, but I did have two touchdowns passing."

JH: Since OU and Texas Tech are two of your favorite schools, did you make it to the game?

GJ: "Yeah I made it up. That was a good game, especially the first half which was very exciting. I could hardly leave my seat. Oklahoma showed a little more maturity in winning the game."

JH: Did you do much on the unofficial visit or did you just go to the game and leave?

GJ: "I am not sure Oklahoma really knew I was there. I spoke to one lady when I was picking up my tickets, but I didn't get a chance to talk to any players or coaches. I had to leave before I had a chance to talk to them."

JH: Did you watch the game as a fan or did you find yourself studying the offenses of the two teams?

GJ: "Basically, what I was doing was watching the player at my position and seeing how each school would use me. In the first half I caught myself watching the game, but I wasn't cheering for either team. I was remaining neutral. For Texas Tech, Shannon Woods is there running back and they pass the ball to him a lot as well as run him. At OU, I was watching their receivers."

JH: So OU is just recruiting you at this point as a receiver?

GJ: "OU is recruiting me as a receiver/returner and stuff like that."

JH: You have taken two visits, right?

GJ: "Yes, I have been to Texas Tech and Tennessee. I think I am going to Florida on December 12th. Florida is looking at me as a combination back where I will play some running back, but will also play a lot of receiver."

JH: Are you still planning to not take official visits to OU and OSU?

GJ: "Yeah, that is still pretty much the story. I am going to visit both schools unofficially."

JH: Are you dead set on playing either running back or receiver in college?

GJ: "It is funny you ask that, because I was just talking to my coaches about that. I told them that I didn't think I would last two minutes on the college level at quarterback and they told me I was crazy. I also didn't think I threw the ball well enough to play quarterback in college and they told me I was crazy again. I haven't thought about playing quarterback. Running back and receiver are the only two positions that I have thought about playing in college."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting with you right now?

GJ: "Right now recruiting is real tough. I get letters all the time and the coaches are always trying to persuade you one why or the other. All the coaches and schools are great, and then you always have people telling you what to do. So it is tough sometimes. Recruiting is interesting because you get to meet some great people and get to see some great places, but the decisions you have to make are tough. It is a tiring deal and hard to deal with at times."

JH: Do you have a favorite at this time?

GJ: "I don't have a favorite at this point. Oklahoma is still one of my top favorites and hopefully I will get to talk to coach Stoops and ask him some more questions. I basically want to know if he thinks I can play right away and things like that. I just have some questions that I want to ask him. They have a lot a good players and I would like to know if I am good enough too possibly play as a freshman."

JH: Are the same schools still involved?

GJ: "I am still looking at Texas Tech, Tennessee, OSU and OU for a fact. The last school right now, I couldn't even tell you right now."

JH: Have you decided when you will definitely announce?

GJ: "I am going to announce on February 2nd with my teammates."

JH: So what are your thoughts on your playoff game this Friday?

GJ: "We play Lindsay this weekend and they have a pretty good defense. They have not allowed many points this year and we have two or three players out. The game is not going to be easy, but I think we can win the game. If our O-line will give me some protection, I don't think they can hold our receivers. We might have to go to the air to win this one."

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