Lucas talks about his decision to wait

Five-star point guard Jai Lucas says he'll be watching Capel and the Sooners on TV this season.

Jai Lucas, PG, 5-10, BELLAIRE, TX:

JH: Talk about your decision to put off signing with a school until the second signing period?

JL: "My decision was based on all the schools that I am looking at has a point guard capable of running the point guard position. Everybody that is recruiting me wants me, but they are not in a dire need to sign me. In other words, it is not going to wreck their program if I don't sign there and I just want to evaluate them some more and see who needs me the most."

JH: So after this season is over it will come down to which teams need you the most?

JL: "It is where I can have the biggest impact right away. I feel I can have a big impact at any school that I go to, but I want to find a school where I can really make a difference. And because I am on the team we can make a great tournament run or something like that."

JH: Do you really want to drag the recruiting process out another four months or so?

JL: "We sat down and talked about, but I am not that concerned about it because I am used to it now. I am pretty sure that it can't get any worse than it is right now."

JH: You have been set on OU, Maryland, OSU and Kentucky for some time. Are you still down to those four schools or will other schools now be allowed to get involved?

JL: "It will mainly be those four schools. For another school to get into the picture now, they would have to really bring something to the table that impresses me. Or I would have to just like them a great deal in the past. I don't think that is going to happen."

JH: Did you come close to signing with one school or where you totally bamboozled the whole time and wide open as far as to who to sign with?

JL: "I was totally bamboozled and wide open the whole time. Nobody took a big lead, because all my visits were great and all of the schools had something to offer me or a certain need for me. But none of them separated form the pack."

JH: Now that you are not signing in the early process what are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

JL: "I love the University and when I came up and Coach Capel and all the guys were nice. Now I get a chance to see them on television and see how coach Capel coaches the team. That will be a key because I kind of know how all the other coaches coach. I have never seen coach Capel coach during a game and now I will get a chance to study his style of play and how he coaches a team."

JH: Do you think you will come back to Norman at some point for a game?

JL: "I would love to come up there, but I haven't talked to the coaching staff about that yet."

JH: So you will be watching these four teams a bunch this season?

JL: "You can watch everybody on television and study style of play, but there is nothing like seeing a team in person. So I hope to get out and see everybody play again."

JH: Have you seen all four teams play yet this year?

JL: "I have already seen all four teams play in exhibitions or real games. Maryland likes to push the ball and press, and that is something I like. OSU is still running the same stuff that my brother ran when he was there. That is always a plus to go somewhere where you are familiar. At Kentucky, they run pick and rolls and I have been keeping up with their situation so we will see what happens to him. Oklahoma gets out and runs and plays hard on defense, and I like that about them."

JH: How is your senior year shaping up?

JL: "Our big guys transferred schools and that hurts us. That was a big loss there, but our first game is Friday. We are pretty small with a lot of guards, but our tallest guy is 6-7. We will be OK."

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