Recruiting: Five-star DE still likes Sooners

The latest on West Monroe, La. DE and U.S. Army All-American Luther Davis.

Luther Davis, DE, 6-4, 255, WEST MONROE, LOUISIANA:

JH: How is your season going?

LD: "We are going into the second round of the playoffs against Sulpher, La. In the first round, we beat New Orleans West Jefferson 35-14. I finished the game with eight tackles and two sacks."

JH: What are your stats for the season?

LD: "Right now I have 68 tackles and 12 sacks. I also have 17 quarterback knockdowns and 16 tackles for loss."

JH: Have you been able to get out and go to collegiate games on the weekends?

LD: "This past weekend I went to the LSU-Alabama game and I was kind of impressed. LSU came out and played with a faster tempo in the second half, which was good. To be honest, with the exception of two players, I think I am better than they are."

JH: Have you ever been to OU?

LD: "No, I have not. I have never been there at all, but I hope to get there soon. It looks like for all the weekends in December we are going to be in the state playoffs. We have not lost this year and we don't plan to in the playoffs, but we do have the red target on us. I guess it will be sometime in January."

JH: What are your thoughts on OU?

LD: "Oklahoma is really progressing with me. They have shown me so much by losing a player like Adrian Peterson, yet they keep playing well. I didn't get a chance to watch them this past weekend, but I was impressed with what I read or saw in highlights about their defense. I have been so impressed with Marcus Walker and Rufus Alexander. They always play so great and in every game they play at a high level."

JH: As far as OU being a school that you are interested in, where do they stand with you at this point?

LD: "I think they are probably above every school that I am interested in. Coach Stoops made a statement a while back that players are measured by more than just their 40-time, and that is so true. That showed me what kind of coach he is. He knows a good football player is not always measured by just his 40-time. How many down linemen run a fast 40-time and they get dropped down at the combine. And then when they get a chance they turn out to be good players on the field?

"That is why Oklahoma is so good, because they go out and get good football players. They may not always be the best track guys, but they turn out to be the best players. That means that the OU coaching staff is developing players and I love that about OU."

JH: What schools are you still considering at this point?

LD: "I am still looking at LSU, Arkansas and Michigan. USC would be up there, but I am not that interested in them anymore because of some information that I have received from my best friend Ahamd Paige (Sterlington, Louisiana/#4 WR Scout). They are recruiting dirty. Things they are telling him and then telling me are just the opposite. How can that be. It is about the same topics. That is dirty and shouldn't be that way, and I don't want to be apart of their program.

"He is committed to Florida State, but their OC — Jeff Bowden — just resigned so I don't think he is going there. We have been best friends for a long time and we know that we are going to two different schools, but we are very close."

JH: How much do you know about the other programs besides OU?

LD: "I know all about Arkansas, because my brother Lucas Jackson went there. So I know all about Arkansas. That sort of gives them an edge, because my cousin Damian Williams also goes there. He is a starter at wide receiver for them since the first game."

JH: What are going to be the keys points in why you choose a particular school over another?

LD: "It will be what the school has to offer. Do they have my major? What is the history of the program and how soon can I get on the field? It is not a much that I play my first year, but how early can I get on the field. I think some guys make a mistake insisting to play as a freshman and they are not ready. I want to play when I am ready, but I want to know if I can play when I am ready. Then I want a coaching staff that is really behind the players and treat the players like family."

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