Two Minute Drill: Cale Gundy

Oklahoma running backs coach Cale Gundy says Chris Brown (pictured) isn't his only impressive freshman. (AP Photo)

The Sooners are one of the top rushing teams in college football, and have been since Bob Stoops has been the head coach at OU. From Quentin Griffin to Adrian Peterson to Allen Patrick, the Sooners have been able to rush the football as well as anybody in college football.

What is the key to the Sooners' success on the ground? We turn to running back coach Cale Gundy for the answer on the Two Minute Drill.

JH: It seems that you have a bunch of running backs just waiting and ready to go and when one goes down or graduates. You just plug another one in and you don't miss a beat?

CG: "They are good players. That is why we bring them here. Chris (Brown) has stepped in and done a good job. Chris is a great kid and comes from a great background, great mother, very disciplined and very mature for his age. That is probably why he has been able to handle it."

JH: What else about him made him stand out among the freshmen when you had to go deeper into the depth chart to play tailback this season?

CG: "The thing that was impressive about Chris is that he came from a great high school, the same high school that Nic Harris is from, in Alexandria. They have a great tradition, always battle for championships and they go very far in the playoffs. Chris was not only a great football player in high school, but a great track athlete as well.

"Two years in a row he won the 110M HH and 300M HH. In the state of Louisiana that is pretty good, especially winning the 300M HH. We call that a man's race, because a lot of guys can run around there 110, but 300 is a long time jumping over those things.

"He is a little bit more mature probably than most freshmen. I think that is why he has been able to handle it."

JH: You stuck with him in the second half the other day, why?

CG: "He was playing solid and kind of what we were doing offensively was headed in his direction. Jacob has done that stuff. He did it at Texas A&M, he did it at Missouri. But a lot of times when you don't have your clear cut No. 1 running back out there, like an Adrian Peterson, and you have a couple of guys who you are playing, it is who is the hot hand. He was playing solid and leaning forward."

JH: You have two other freshmen running backs you feel are pretty good players don't you?

CG: "Yes, we do. And you are going to like watching those guys. Of course, we have seen them out there in practice and the one that hasn't been seen as much is DeMarco Murray, because of his turf-toe injury. Of the three, maybe Mossis Madu is the flashiest so far and aybe he is the biggest surprise of the three. All three are going to be really good football players. And topping it off, they are great kids and it makes it much easier on me as a coach and more enjoyable."

JH: How much is DeMarco doing at practice right now?

CG: "He is doing everything. He started about midway through the season and he started practicing. He goes every day against our defense and he is impressive. Then we have scrimmages on Monday with our young players and he is very talented. He is as gifted as any of three, probably more so than any of them. He could start or play at corner, he could play wide receiver or he could play tailback. He is that skilled, but I am going to keep him with me for a while."

JH: Will Baylor stuff the box hoping to stop your running game on Saturday?

CG: "They are an eigh-man front team. They are similar to Oregon in the way they play defense. It is similar to the Virginia Tech's of the world. They are a good team and our guys have seen that. If you look back at our last three games we played against them, it has been a dogfight until the end of the third quarter. They got after our butt here last year and took us into overtime. They got after our butt down there two years ago, so we see on our side of the ball, and as a team, that we have to go down there and play a good game."

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