Bob Stoops' Baylor Postgame Quotes

See inside for head coach Bob Stoops' comments on Oklahoma's 36-10 win over Baylor.

Below are excperts from OU head coach Bob Stoops' postgame radio interview.

On the performance by the defense

Stoops: I was really pleased defensively. We were just outstanding — came up with big plays, turnovers, sacks, a safety, stopped them when they got short fields a few times. They played really well.

On controlling the ball the last 7:40 of the fourth quarter with the running game

Stoops: I love that when we're able to control the ball and run it like that in these situations. Away from home, you don't need to take any chances. I thought Chris Brown had a great day and Jacob (Gutierrez) ran the ball there as well. Offensively, I was very pleased. We just have to take care of the ball.

Special teams — we made some big plays again, but then we dropped the ball. So that takes a little bit away from it. We've just got to keep pressing to get better and take care of the football.

On having mixed feelings on the win because of the turnovers and penalties

Stoops: Yeah, the first half was all penalties and turnovers. That's why you're sitting there in a tight game when really you're moving the ball well, you're playing well. But it doesn't appear that way on the scoreboard because of those two factors.

You keep hammering it and hammering it and hammering it, as far as the discipline and penalties and turnovers. I don't know, we don't have it yet. Hopefully, we will this week.

On the turnovers popping up here and there

Stoops: Our guys ... I'm hoping as they gain more experience, see it on tape, that they understand sometimes you've got to sacrifice a big return just to finish with the ball. Malcolm (Kelly) has a big play and instead of getting it loose there at the end, just realize you're not going to get it in and finish with the football.

On the botched plays in the kicking game (fumbles and bad snap)

Stoops: Well, to me it's just the fumbled punts. The extra point — he's (snapper Derek Shaw) been fabulous all year. That's the first one we've had all year.

Our cover units were fantastic, the punting was great, kickoff coverage was fantastic. We had a kickoff return for a touchdown and we were close to one or two others. So I was pleased.

Reggie, the more experience he gets back there, same thing. You just have to take care of it. He was close to busting the one he fumbles. I think you're eyes get big, you realize there it is and you get careless with the ball sometimes.

On Juaquin Igleisas' kickoff return

Stoops: Yeah, it was great. He had a great seam and he it in a good way and has got the speed to outrun everybody.

On the defenses' seven sacks and holding Baylor to minus 48 yards rushing

Stoops: The defense was just ... man, they played great just all day — getting pressure, covering, coming up with interceptions. They just really played in a good way.

On the offensive and defensive execution despite the turnovers

Stoops: The good part is our execution and what we're doing is good on both sides of the ball, and the kicking game. If we'll be a little more disciplined on some penalties and finish with the football we'll be fine.

On Baylor causing OU's offense problems the last two years with their pressure, and their plan to counteract that today

Stoops: Yeah, we really did. Coach (Kevin) Wilson and all our coaches did a great job. Heck, Paul's (Thompson) 12-of-19. You pass for 178 yards and then you rush the ball for 236 yards, that's pretty good.

On the status of Darien Williams, who was injured in the first half

Stoops: It was bothering enough that he didn't feel comfortable (playing). He was cleared to play, but just didn't feel he'd be as effective as he needed to be. We'll see. Hopefully, it will be something he'll be able to manage and get back on the field.

On getting seven sacks against a Baylor team that had only allowed 11 sacks all season

Stoops: And then we held them to 3-of-16 on third down conversions and 1-of-4 on fourth down. So that's pretty strong. When you're 4-of-20 on possession downs that's pretty good.

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