Gundy on Oklahoma

See inside for OSU head coach Mike Gundy's comments on Saturday's Bedlam matchup against Oklahoma. (AP Photo)

Below are excerpts from OSU head coach Mike Gundy's weekly press conference Monday in Stillwater.

Opening Statement

Gundy: Big week. Everybody is aware of Bedlam. We're back to work this week playing a very good football team. A much improved team, in my opinion, from early in the season up through last week. They've gotten better and obviously put themselves in position to complete with probably just about anybody in the country if they play well.

We've got our work cut out for us, but we're looking forward to it. I'm sure the players are excited to be over today, get the gameplan started and get it going.

On their approach to this game now as opposed to 20 years ago when they hoped to beat OU instead of expecting to win

Gundy: We expected to win the game. I know that two or three of those years I was here we expected to win the game and we didn't.

I know we went through a stretch their when we were on probation on coach's (Pat Jones) last few years here that we weren't good enough to beat anybody. Then when coach (Bob) Simmons was here we won the game, and when we came back we had some success against them when coach Miles was here.

I think that these players feel like that they can compete with anybody that we play now. Without just saying that's coach's talk, last year when we weren't a very good football team we probably played our best game against Texas Tech and Texas, who was the No. 1 team in the country and I think Tech was 10 in the country last year when we beat them.

So I don't think there's any question that our players feel like that we can compete and win the game. I think everybody understands what we have to do to be successful and win the game.

On Bob Stoops announcing that Adrian Peterson wouldn't play Saturday, and the two running backs who will replace him

Gundy: I don't think there's any question, in our opinion, I think they want to establish the running game just like we do. I've been impressed with the backs that they've had running.

Other than being very poorly coached, those guys have done a really nice job of overcoming coaching and being effective runners. I've been impressed with, I don't know names, but the guy that rushed for a bunch of yards (Allen Patrick) and the guy that played out here the other day against Tech (Chris Brown). I thought he did a good job of running. He made some nice runs in space.

They do some things in my opinion that are similar to what we used to do with the tight ends and stuff. They're trying to run the ball effectively and it looks like to me that Paul (Thompson) has played well in what they've asked him to do.

On if they'll change their preparation knowing that Peterson will not play

Gundy: You'd have to ask coach (Vance) Bedford that. I don't know what you would do different. You maybe try to put a bigger guy there on the scout team or something.

I don't know what you do different. From what I've saw the formations and the schemes that they're using are very similar to what they were doing with him.

On if he trusts Stoops when he says that Peterson won't play

Gundy: I don't know why he would say he is gonna play or isn't gonna play. He's probably just trying to give you something so you'll leave him alone (smiles). That would be my guess.

On the matchup of OU's secondary against OSU's receivers

Gundy: I hope it leans toward us. We're just going to run our plays and I'm guessing that they'll try to scheme us and do what they do. They're pretty good at scheming on defense. They vary each week quite a bit.

Our guys will try and come up with a gameplan and counter it. Ultimately, it comes down to guys making plays. If we put them in position to make a play they've got to go get the ball. I think their coaches will say that if they're in position to defend it, that they've got to go make a play.

On Les Miles making bold comments in the past the week of the Bedlam game, and if he has any bold comments to make

Gundy: Am I a bold comment guy? You're wanting some good dirt, aren't you (smiles)? You're wanting some good dirt. Doesn't Bob have his media day tomorrow? He'll give you some good dirt, won't he (smiles).

The truth is is that this is a big game. Everybody says it's one game. Coaches say that. We want to prepare our team like it's one game, but we train year 'round and we have goals. We want to be eligible for postseason play, we want to win the South and we want to beat OU. I don't think there's any secret in that.

But I don't generally have to get up here and say something to get our team fired up. Our guys will be ready to play and they'll want to win this football game for two reasons. The first reason is they should want to win every football game we play because that's what we do. And the second is it's a big game for them because it's an in-state rival.

On him not mentioning his brothers' name on the teleconference and during this press conference and him saying he was mediocre

Gundy: Why would I need to mention his name? I said they were poorly coached at that position, I didn't say he was mediocre (laughs).

On his relationship with his brother during Bedlam week

Gundy: He and I have been going at it for, I'm 39, he's gotta be 35, for 30 years now or longer in everything. It's just the way it is.

He's much more physically competitive than I am. He shows a lot more than I do. Everything we do we go at it. We go at it when we go home. He picks his son and I pick my son and we play pickup hoops. We're going to go at it. That's the way it is.

My honest opinion is it's a difficult for him and it is for me because he and I don't want to compete. But not once have I been on the sideline and the game get kicked off that I even realize he's over there. I don't even remember he's over there.

On if and Cale will talk football during their Thanksgiving meal on Thursday

Gundy: No, none.

On why he likes playing Oklahoma on Thanksgiving weekend rather than midway through the year

Gundy: I just think it's good tradition. I think the people in the state get a day or maybe two days off during Thanksgiving, and I think that just that time year is a good time to play this game.

On the advantage of playing this game at home rather than in Norman

Gundy: I don't think there's any doubt that our crowd in the last few years have gotten into the games. Secondly, when you play any game in this league at home it's an advantage in my opinion.

I don't think there's any question that playing at home is an advantage for whatever team it may be.

On if playing this game in Stillwater will be a difference-maker on Saturday

Gundy: Well, I hope so. A year ago I was told by a coach that's a friend of mine that's been in this league a long time, he said he felt like Stillwater was worth seven points now compared to 10 years ago. He said I'm not sure that there was an advantage here in the crowd.

So when he said that obviously made me feel good knowing that when people come in here we have an advantage with the home crowd.

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