Recruiting: Brooks still interested in OU?

The latest on Irving, Texas five-star wide receiver Ron Brooks.

Ron Brooks, WR, Irving MacArthur, Texas:

JH: Are you going to have a good Thanksgiving?

RB: "Oh yeah, all that food. I can definitely eat a lot."

JH: What are your favorite things to eat on Thanksgiving?

RB: "I like turkey, cranberry sauce, dressing, macaroni and cheese, ham and pecan pie."

JH: Are you going to have to get a workout in after you eat all that food?

RB: "Not many, because I have a high metabolism."

JH: Now that your season is over, what sport are you in?

RB: "I am just getting ready for the All-American game."

JH: How are you getting ready for that game?

RB: "I am running routes, catching the ball as much as I can, working off a jugs gun and I run on the track."

JH: Have you been on any visits or been to see any college games recently?

RB: "I just got back from an official visit to Texas Tech. They dropped me off at the airport to go home on Sunday. I didn't want to go home, so I called my friends that play on the team and asked them to come get me and I stayed an extra day with them."

JH: What did you think about Texas Tech?

RB: "I liked it a lot down there. It was a good experience for me. They showed me a lot about what college life is all about. I had a chance to go to class with them and just hung out like a regular student."

JH: You have taken another visit haven't you?

RB: "I have gone to Arkansas and Texas Tech back-to-back. Arkansas was a great college gameday atmosphere. ESPN was there and my friend got to take a picture with Lee Corso. I thought they were mainly a running team, but when I was there they threw the ball quite a bit."

JH: What other visits are you going to take?

RB: "I am going to LSU, but I haven't set a date. I am also talking to Florida about setting up a visit."

JH: Are you still interested in OU?

RB: "At first I was looking at them really hard, but after thinking it through I don't think that Oklahoma would be a good fit for me. I am a wide receiver and Oklahoma is a running football team."

JH: What are you looking for in an offense?

RB: "I am looking for a team that puts the ball up in the air quite a bit more than they run it. I want to go to a passing football team."

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