Two Minute Drill: Alonzo Dotson

Junior defensive end Alonzo Dotson has waited three years for his chance, and now that he's got it he's taking advantage of it in a big way. Dotson recorded two sacks in OU's win over Baylor last week. (Getty Images)

Not every player that comes to Oklahoma starts right away or comes out of high school and has a perfect career. Players go through different trails and tribulations, and that is certainly the case with junior defensive end Alonzo Dotson.

Dotson has battled academic and injury problems during his time in Norman and up until this season, his career looked as if it was stuck in neutral. However, Dotson never lost the dream of playing, even when he looked at the depth chart and saw that he played the most talented position on the sooner roster and was no better than third on the depth chart.

It has always been clear than Dotson is talented and every time he gets into a game he make plays. He had his best game as a Sooner when he came up with two sacks and a safety in ou's win over Baylor last Saturday, and on Tuesday he talked about his strong mental outlook with on the Two Minute Drill!

JH: You are a guy from Alief, Texas, so are you into the OU/OSU rivalry yet?

AD: "Yeah, being an out of state guy you have to learn about it really. I knew more about the OU/Texas rivalry. But my first time experiencing going up there (Stillwater) during the 2004 season, I learned that the fans are right on top of you and they are screaming ugly stuff at us the way away fans do.

"I think just being in that atmosphere and seeing how much dislike the fans have for each other and the players is something to learn and appreciate. I guess you can say that it is pretty cool."

JH: You are taking advantage of your opportunities this year, because it seems like every time you get on the field you make something happen?

AD: "Yeah, that is the biggest thing. Any player that you talk to wants to contribute to the team. The biggest thing is that when you are out there you have to make the most of your opportunities. Don't waste them and just be a guy out there. I just try to live up to that thinking."

JH: Do you feel like you have been playing catch-up your whole career because of all the negative things that have either happened to you or you put yourself in?

AD: "Yeah, I would agree. I just want to make sure that people know that i am still here. When I get in there I want to make plays, which allows people to know that I am here to contribute to being a Sooner."

JH: How tough was it the year you had to sit out (2005) because of academics? You still practiced with the team, but you knew you were never going to play?

AD: "That was real tough. I became real good friends with Dusty (Dvoracek) that year because he went through the same thing. He had to sit out, so just talking to Dusty I got into the weight room, kept watching film and did everything I could do to remain part of the team.

"I went to scout team to help the offense, I did anything that I could do to help our team. It was just like going back and saying that you want to be a player and you want to contribute to a team. That was all that i wanted to do."

JH: When you finally got into real action were you skills rusty? Or did the work you did on the scout team keep you going pretty well?

AD: "I kept everything going in a positive direction. that spring was kind of rough because I was trying to get back into the feel of things. Other than that, I picked up right where I left off."

JH: What do you think of OSU's offense?

AD: "If you look at their stats and all their numbers, they put up some really good rushing numbers. They run the ball well and they are a real physical team. It is going to be a real tough game for the defensive line and the front seven, and it's real important that we are physical and stop their run. We need to get after their linemen, running backs, tight ends and all of them."

JH: How dangerous is Cowboy quarterback Bobby Reid?

AD: "He is very dangerous. He has great athletic ability and he can really throw the football. He can run and they have a lot of options in their offense where he can run or pass in a boot. He is very dangerous, but at the same time we have seen quarterbacks just like him. When you go back to Oregon and (Dennis) Dixon, (Stephen) Mcgee at Texas A&M, (Isaiah) Stanback at Washington, so it is nothing that we haven't seen already this season."

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