RECRUITING: Alabama OL interested in Oklahoma

Alabama OL has five favorites, but says two stand out. Did Oklahoma make the cut?


JH: Has school started yet and two-a-day practices?

BB: "We started school and now we are into single practices. Two-a-days weren't as bad because right before that we did three-a-days practices. So, two a-days workouts were just fine with us. It is great to back into the swing of things at football practice and I am glad about it. Football isn't the centerpiece of my life, God is, but he has given me the ability to play football and that I certainly am taking advantage of it."

JH: Did you go to any summer camps this summer?

BB: "I went to the Alabama one day camp and that was it. That was the only camp I have ever been to."

JH: Who do you like in recruiting right now?

BB: "My favorites would be Oklahoma, who I like a lot, Nebraska, South Carolina, Clemson, Georgia Tech and Southern Mississippi. However, I am not going to make that decision on my own. I am going to let God guide me and lead me toward the best school for me."

JH: What is it about Oklahoma that you like?

BB: "I have some family out there on my mom's side, but we are not real close to them. However, we want to be closer to them. Plus, OU is real good and they have a great program."

JH: What do you like about Nebraska?

BB: "I like Nebraska a lot.I have been there one time and I like their campus. Turner Gill is recruiting me and he is a great guy. I like Nebraska a great deal. I went to S. Carolina and Clemson unofficially this summer. I like the recruiters at both schools and I like both schools. However, OU and Nebraska are my top two schools, despite the fact I haven't seen Oklahoma yet."

JH: You don't seem to have any interest in staying in-state, why?

BB: "It's basically because the in-state schools aren't showing me a lot of attention. So, if they try to get involved me at this point I think it is too late, unless God shows me that he wants me to stay in-state. I appreciate Oklahoma and Nebraska offering me so early."

JH: Do you feel you will be a guard or a tackle in college?

"I guess I could play either one I guess. I have always played tackle in high school, but I think Oklahoma is recruiting me as a guard. It doesn't matter which one I play."

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