Bob Stoops' OSU Postgame Quotes

See inside for OU head coach Bob Stoops' postgame quotes on his Sooners' 27-21 in over Okie State.

On winning the Big 12 South

Stoops: It is exciting. We're looking forward to the challenge of it.

On the win

Stoops: The guys played in a really good way. Offensively, we took care of the football like I knew we could and didn't have it on the ground the entire day. Very few penalties. Just executed well.

Defensively, they got on us early but then we settled in and played great for a good stretch of time. Just an exciting game.

On him being more excited than he sounds

Stoops: Yeah, it's exciting. A little worn out, but...

On winning in Stillwater when there was so much on the table

Stoops: It was exciting. We just played in a really good way. We've got a lot out there when you've got a chance to play for championships. Fortunately, we put ourself in position to compete for one.

On them winning the Big 12 in even numbered years

Stoops: Yeah, I did think about that believe it or not. We're in it. We've got to go earn it and do our best to get ready through the week, and get ourself in a good position when we get up there in Kansas City.

On them getting the team to believe they needed to play one game at a time

Stoops: I believe it. And I appreciate the kids because they're listening to us and they're that way. 'Hey look, this is what we've got to do to win and let's get ourself in position to do it.' And they're doing it in a great way. They're listening, working hard and practicing in a really good way. So, yes, it's been fun that way.

On the defense stopping OSU on two separate drives inside the 5-yard line

Stoops: Yeah, we had some big stops. That was huge. Even the last one where they scored, we made them snap it four times and got the clock down. Heck, Reggie's (Smith) so close to making that play. To make them eat up a bunch of clock was big too.

On getting Allen Patrick back

Stoops: Yeah, and Chris (Brown) was really good too. Allen did such a great job hitting some nice seams. That was a big part of the game. Paul (Thompson) was really good. The touchdown pass he threw I thought was excellent.

On the defense keeping Bobby Reid contained and in the pocket

Stoops: Yeah, exactly. He didn't get out much. We kept his feet moving and didn't allow him just to sit there. I thought we did a pretty decent job of that — not letting him set his feet and chasing him around. We had an interception or two that we didn't get, but I thought the guys did a good job.

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