Oklahoma-OSU Grade Card

See inside for Tony Sellars' position-by-position breakdown of OU's 27-21 win over OSU. Pictured above: Sophomore receiver Juaquin Iglesias catches a 13-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter. (AP Photo)

Paul Thompson did everything asked of him in this one. Including having to sit on a lead and let the defense try to hold on. Thompson only threw 11 passes, completing seven of them and all seven passes resulted in first downs, many of them third down conversions.

It was a clean game for him as far as running the ship. No turnovers, no offensive missteps. Once again, Thompson's calm demeanor and leadership came in handy during a road victory.

Not a flashy performance, but his hands were tied by the offensive play calling.

Grade: A-

Running Back
For most of the game, Oklahoma State had no answer for either Allen Patrick or Chris Brown. Patrick's runs to start the first possession of each half for the Sooners set the tone for Oklahoma's outstanding ground performance.

Showing no signs of the ankle injury that had kept him out the past two weeks, Patrick exploded through the middle of the line for gains of 27 and 65 yards that provided more than half of his game total. In between that, Patrick averaged less than four yards a carry, but most of that was due to the Sooners sit on the lead attitude in the second half.

Brown didn't have the gaudy numbers, but picked up the tough yards, scoring twice. His long run of the day was a 16-yard effort that might have been a touchdown had he not tripped on the legs of a downfield blocker.

Don't forget Dane Zaslaw's key catch and run, one of the key third down conversions for the Sooners on the day.

Grade: A-

Not called on to do much, the receiving corps did what was needed most of the day. The Sooners had enough success in the running game that they decided not to take advantage of OSU's struggling secondary.

Manuel Johnson returned after his concussion and showed no signs of fear in going over the middle. He caught two passes and was the recipient of a pass interference call.

Malcolm Kelly had only once catch, but had a key drop on one of the few passes attempted by the Sooners in the second half.

Juaquin Iglesias got the gravy, making a nice leaping end zone grab for a touchdown.

Joe Jon Finley represented the tight ends with two grabs, both for first downs.

Grade: A-

Offensive Line
Another solid game for the offensive line, which led to OU converting nine of its first 11 third downs and an overall game total over five yards per running play.

True freshman Trent Williams continues to play like a veteran, as his confidence is growing with every start. The Sooners had few mistakes overall and protected Thompson well, allowing just one sack.

The line was unable to provide much room in the fourth quarter, but that had as much to do with OSU realizing that the Sooners weren't going to throw the ball and putting everyone up front than it did with OU's execution.

Grade: B

Defensive Line
Concerned about Bobby Reid's running ability, the Sooners didn't sell out with the pass rush, but did an excellent job of not allow him to make a play with his feet. Reid had only 20 yards all day and in fact, the Cowboys touted running trio could must less than a hundred yards and averaged less than four yards a carry. In total, the Sooners held the Cowboys to 119 yards rushing and just over a three yard per carry average.

C.J. Ah You had another solid game, quietly making his case to be a first-team All-Big 12 selection. He had the lone sack of the day on Reid.

It didn't show up on the stat sheet, but Alonzo Dotson made a play that typified the Sooners containment on Reid. The quarterback thought he was going to put a move on the big defensive end and turn the corner, but Dotson kept pace with Reid, stringing out the play and forcing Reid to run out of bounds with little gain.

Late in the game, especially on the final drive, the Sooner rushers were being tackled by the OSU offensive line, but the officials apparently had decided they were going to swallow the flags in this game.

Grade: B+


Curtis Lofton reminded OSU why not getting him was a big loss as he had possibly his best game as a Sooner. He was as big a factor as his more recognized linebacking mates Zach Latimer and Rufus Alexander, who also made some key plays.

Alexander has to lose some style points for getting knocked on his keister by a blind-side DeJuan Woods block, but other than that, the linebackers didn't embarrass themselves on this afternoon.

Demarrio Pleasant, broken hand and all, made what possibly was the biggest play of the game when he managed to corral Zac Robinson's fumble in the end zone for a touchdown, something that four other players with two good hands couldn't do.

Grade: B+

Afraid of the big play early, OU's corners were giving OSU too much room and Reid was on target, leading the Cowboys downfield for the opening drive score. But the strategy did prevent any long gains in the first half.

In the second half, the secondary played tighter and that led to the game's only big play for OSU when Reggie Smith gambled and didn't get the pick and DeJuan Woods raced 54 yards before being a touchdown-saving tackle from Lendy Holmes. Still, that play gave Oklahoma State new life when it looked like the Sooners were about to put the game away early.

Nic Harris made some key pass breakups and Smith put a hit on Adarius Bowman that might have affected his play late in the game.

The absence of Darien Williams hurt the Sooners in this one. It was not nearly the best effort by the secondary, but they made enough plays to preserve the win.

Grade: B-

Special Teams
The biggest special teams play of the day came from OU "short" punter Mike Knall, who pinned OSU at the one yard line in the second quarter. Otherwise, it was a rather ho-hum day for the special units.

Garrett Hartley missed his first extra point of the season, and for a while, it looked like that might come back to haunt the Sooners. He did put three kickoffs in the end zone for touchbacks.

OU's coverage teams did a good job against an OSU squad that had been one of the nation's best in kick returns, but the Cowboys were also missing the main component in that department, freshman Perrish Cox.

Reggie Smith had a good kickoff return, stepping in front of Juaquin Iglesias to return it 32 yards. Iglesias had a respectable 21 yard return on his only effort. Smith had only one opportunity for a punt return, and that was short circuited by a holding call.

Grade: B

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